The “Original” Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview


The Scoop: While the story of the original Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain is clouded in mystery, we at had the rare opportunity to talk to the breeders themselves to get the story straight. The often mistaken genetics of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies are OG Kush and Durban Poison, however, we found out the real parents are a rare variety of Florida OG Kush and a Cookiefam creation that was dubbed F1 Durb (not really Durban Poison). While the cross of the secret sauce “F1 Durb” still remains under wraps, there’s no doubt the Cookiefam produced a world-renowned creation.

The Result: A hybridized Sativa whose unique essence has won the palates of discerning cannabis connoisseurs everywhere; some of Cookie’s greatest attributes are its one-of-a-kind bud structure, high potency, and unparalleled flavor profile. Cookie is a strain that calls out to the flower smokers, hash tokers, and terp chasers of the industry. It is now being used to hybridize countless other varieties of cannabis to increase potency and density in Indicas and Sativas alike.

The Verdict: Cookie has become a staple strain of cannabis, taking its spot in line next to Kush, Haze, and OG. Providing a refreshing boost of euphoria and energy, this flavorful strain leaves you feeling inspired all day long. Its uplifting effects are divine, while still providing a body high that is relaxing but not overly stoney.  

Strain Characteristics

cookies_91156Type: Sativa-leaning Hybrid

Also Known As: GSC, Cookie, Thin Mint
Note: Many smokers are under the impression that Thin Mint is a pheno or cross of Cookie, but one of the breeders, @Jigga415, let us know that he calls his Girl Scout Cookie, Thin Mint.

Genetics: Florida OG x “F1 Durb”

Origin: Bay Area, California

How Stoned Will You Get: 9

Average THC: 25%

Average Price Per ⅛: $55

Awards: The Cookiefam Breeders have never entered Girl Scout Cookies into a competition, however, people who have been blessed “bagseed” or made crosses with GSC have won countless awards.

Strain Profile

The Science: Each batch of lab-tested Girl Scout Cookies will showcase varying cannabinoid and terpene profiles due to the phenotype and environment in which it’s grown. On average, the cannabinoid profile expresses high THC (typically around 23-27%), a relatively strong dose of CBG, plus an extra hint of CBN. The unique flavor profile is a result of the potent cocktail of caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, linalool, and pinene terpenes.

0peppermit_cookies_webAppearance: Cookie’s iconic spear-shaped, crystal-coated buds can be spotted from a mile away. Under her dense coat of trichomes, you can find lavender, frost-covered calyxes that spiral around the stem, creating a work of art that only a true cannabis lover appreciates. If viewed under a magnifying glass, you will see the purple hue climbing its way up the trichome stems.

Consistency: Dense as stone and sticky as glue, these cookies are a treat you’ll need some extra tools to dig into.

Scent: The original Girl Scout Cookie has a signature doughy, deep chocolate smell with subtle hints of mint. The dank earthy aroma hits your sinuses first, followed by the fruity notes of dark chocolate. Cracking open a nug reveals an aromatic burst of doughiness, reminiscent of walking into grandma’s kitchen during the holidays. Even just taking in the aroma of a properly cured GSC bud is like unwrapping an extraordinary gift.

Taste: On the first inhale of the original GSC, your senses are overwhelmed with an explosion of minty chocolate. On the exhale, a thick milky cloud of kush-like smoke billows out of your chimney and blesses the air with potent plumes, coating your tongue with dark chocolate flavors. Just as addictive as the real Girl Scout Cookies, this mouthwatering herb will have you taking hit after hit. Smoked on a hot day, these cookies will have you thinking you just ate a sleeve of frozen Thin Mints.

Effect: Puff puff, pass … maybe let it pass around the circle again … okay, it’s fine to puff puff again. This treat is not a trick! Instantly feeling a cerebral lift of euphoria and positivity, the cookies stain will help you get things done, even while being sufficiently medicated. Due to the strength of these buds, a little bit can go a long way, and a lot of it can send you straight into a dream.   

Strain Background: This infamous strain became popular in the Bay Area, a treat you could only track down when you were in the area and knew someone well connected. Its popularity spread quickly, partly due to its loyal hypeman, Berner. Handfuls of patients were blessed with a “bagseed” which the Cookiefam calls Fortune Cookies; the genetics wwere then passed down through online forums and turned into “Forum Cookies.” This is how many fortunate growers throughout the country got a hold of the genetics to cultivate and proliferate the Girl Scout glory.

Medical Uses: Girl Scout Cookies is known for its extremely effective pain-relieving abilities, a couple tokes cause even the most severe pain to melt away. GSC is also great for lifting depression, reducing anxiety, easing nausea, fighting inflammatory diseases, and increasing appetite.

Growth and Seed Info

Note: Be wary of seed companies claiming to have Girl Scout Cookies. The original strain is under lock and key from the Cookiefam, and they’ve only given it out to a select few.

Pros: Consistency

Cons: Potential for hermaphrodites, Small buds

Original Breeder: Cookiefam Genetics

Current Breeder: Cookiefam Genetics

Known Phenotypes: Forum, Platinum, OGKB, Thin Mint

Seed Bank of Choice: N/A (See note above)

Flowering Time: 65 Days

Flowering Type: ScrOG

Growth Height: Outdoors, tall; indoors, veg cycle dependent

Expected Yield: Below Average

Garden Skill Level: Advanced

Family: OG, Cookies

Related Strains: Sunset Sherbet, Gelato (Mochi Gelato, Guava Gelato, Bacio Gelato), and Cherry Pie

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