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Top 9 Festival Accessories for Stealthy Stoners


The brink of festival season is upon us, and this is the year we’re trading flower crowns for flower bowls. There isn’t any better way to relax and enjoy live music than with an inspiring sesh of your favorite flowers. But since marijuana is still federally scheduled, most festivals won’t let you prance through the gates waving your ganja high and proud. But don’t worry, prohibition has caused us cannasapeins to get creative with our secretive smoking. Whether you’re toking at a festival, lighting up at a  baseball game, or seshing in a secluded forest, we’ve gathered our top low-key smoking accessories for 2017.

Top 9 Festival Accessories for Stealthy Stoners



A bracelet disguised as a pipe? Doesn’t get more low-key than that! I first discovered Tokables unisex bracelets at Seattle Hempfest; I knew instantly that I had to get one. I had never seen such a stealthy pipe before, plus they’re really charming, come in a variety of colors, and are a great conversation starter. I’ve worn mine through metal detectors at the airport without a second glance, so trust me when I say these are extremely discrete!


PUFFiT Portable Vaporizer

Okay, now these PUFFiT’s take covert cannabis to a whole new level. Someone taking a puff from an inhaler is surely an event no passersby would raise their eyebrows toward. These vapes are great because they allow the user to pack it with flower or concentrates, meaning you can customize what flavors you fill ‘er up with. They are small, portable, discreet, and have a decent battery life (enough to get through a music festival). But the battery is removable so you can always keep a charged back-up, just in case.


Genius Pipe

If you’re looking for the most high-tech stealthy pipe, the Genius is the way to go. Flat enough to slide in a wallet or pocket, the Genius Pipe uses a patented design to filter and cool the smoke without water. This unique pipe also ensures the terpenes and flavor of the herb stay as fresh as possible, so no more burnt taste!

Smokit Portable Smoking Kit

The Smokit Kit elevates the classic discrete “cigarette one-hitter” and transforms the once experience into an enjoyable one. This new-age discreet smoking kit comes complete with a sleek carrying case, grinder card, silicone concentrate container, and a poker/dabber. It even comes in a reusable box that can be used for extra storage or fold flat for a nice on-the-go rolling surface.


Boost by Dr. Dabber

For those of you who like dabbing on-the-go, this e-rig was made for you! Presented in a handy portable carrying case, the Boost e-rig runs on a battery power — providing temperature-controlled dabs with no torch required! With a state-of-the-art titanium nail, this portable rig can dish out approximately 35 dabs on a single battery charge.


Hi-Lighter Pipe

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with this stealthy pipe disguised as a hi-lighter — who wishes they had this hi-lighter in college? I know I do! Walk right past security without a worry with this hidden gem.


Piece Maker Pipe

One of my personal favorites for a toke on the go, these mini PieceMakers are made of silicone so they’re great to throw in a backpack for a camping trip or a music festival without worrying about breakage. Plus, they come in a bunch of fun colors!


Urban Wrap Rolling Papers

So maybe pipes aren’t your thing, but you’re still trying to be discrete. These Urban Wrap papers are rolling papers printed to be disguised as a cigarette. While they won’t help with the smell, they are a really great option to remain low-key and blend in with all the cig smokers in a big crowd. 


GenX Vape Pens

Vape pens are perfect for hiding in plain sight — to the untrained eye they look just like an e-cig but all the ganja lovers will know you have the fire. These GenX cartridges are perfect for summer with flavors like Watermelon, Blueberry OG, Pineapple Express, and Tangie. These carts are an excellent wing-man to keep close, don’t underestimate the power of terps!

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