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Weedmaps Oasis Steals the Show During Coachella Weekend


170419_mmj_sharpstonepolaroids-5108Every year, the music world seems to come to a halt for two consecutive weekends as the industry elite flock to the dry and dusty desert of Indio, California for Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The massive event draws fans, artists, and brands from around the world to participate in what has become a globally-recognized event that champions the arts.

Whether performing at the festival or merely viewing as a spectator, the hot temperatures and long hours can drain the energy of even the most lively of participants.

Luckily, for the first time ever, fatigued festival-goers saw a uniquely refreshing Oasis in the distance that offered an escape from the hustle and bustle of the nearby Coachella grounds. More specifically, it was a Marijuana Oasis organized by Weedmaps in hopes of showcasing some of California’s best cannabis products to the A-listers and influencers who could help spread the word.

“A lot of parties that go on during Coachella try to compete with Coachella,” explained Weedmaps VP of Business Development Jonathan “JJ” Jones to Billboard. “We see it as a place where people can decompress and get away from the madness. We look to complement it, not compete with it.”


Each night of Coachella, and even during the day on Saturday, the Weedmaps Oasis offered guests an extraordinarily rare opportunity to choose their own weed-venture. Whether you were looking for a place to relax and unwind after a long day in the Coachella moshpit or you wanted to turn up and keep the party going, Weedmaps Oasis had something for everyone.


Besides two massive party houses and pools, the Weedmaps Oasis boasted distinct user experiences courtesy of cannabis brands like West Coast Cure, Nameless Genetics, Brass Knuckles, Atomik, CA Unified, Gen X, Sugar Leaf, and FlavRX.

If you were looking to chill out in peace without missing a moment of Coachella action, West Coast Cure offered a dab lounge and live streams of all three Coachella channels in their dome — as well as fresh-cut fruit like mangoes to intensify the high of world class strains such as Hardcore OG and Tang 2.


The first party at Weedmaps Oasis kicked off with a fire DJ set from Kanye protege and Off-White designer Virgil Abloh. The fashion phenom Abloh brought along Pedro Cavaliere, who has worked extensively with the likes of A-Trak and Rihanna, to spin for a little while. I dropped off some of Nameless Genetics’ finest for the boys in the booth before their set just to see what happened — experiment effective, as the DJ set was a great success — not that I had anything to do with it.


After Virgil and Pedro finished up on stage, it was time for Weedmaps Coachella Party alumni Rae Sremmurd to hit the turntables for a DJ set of their own. But before they did their thing in the mix, they had to get a little pregame buzz going. Brass Knuckles was kind enough to supply a massive boat-shaped gold joint and another twosome to join Swae Lee and Slim Jimmi in the smoke sesh, as this Destroyer was going to take all hands on deck to finish smoking. You may recognize the other two professional smokers as Adam Ill of Getting High With… and rapper slash vehicular makeover expert Xzibit.


After the smoke had cleared in the studio, we invited Atlanta artist Reese LaFlare to show viewers how he rolls up a joint. We were in for a whole lot more than that, as Reese and friends broke into a full-on freestyle cypher, resulting in a hilarious new jingle for Nameless Genetics.


After working up an appetite filming, Reese and I headed over to the medicated pizza truck, where we scarfed down a few honey-drizzled pepperoni personals from Urban Pie. They were delicious and effective, as evidenced by the long lines of hungry partiers waiting to indulge. Just look at how envious Weedmaps Motocross team rider Tyler Beremen appeared when he realized Reese just got the last pizza and he’d have to wait for a new batch.


Over in the Kaya Farms Greenhouse, guests were shown the entire cultivation process from ‘seed to sparked’ in order to dispel some of the common misconceptions about growing cannabis. Outside of the greenhouse, Kaya had the artist Dunkees creating a mural live during the party and all of the VIP guests went home with 1 of 350 limited edition Dunkees paintings of the WM Oasis.


Friday night’s party at the Weedmaps Oasis went well into Saturday morning, so it goes without saying that the provided bottles of CBD water came in handy when attempting to restore order within our bodies before day two’s activities kicked off.


When everyone at the Weedmaps Oasis woke up on Saturday morning, they were greeted by a glorious sunny day, perfect for sitting by the pool and enjoying some of the finest marijuana products in the world. If you got tired of tanning, there was a putting green, full bar, and video game tent nearby to keep everyone entertained.


Saturday was all about the podcasts, as Weedmaps invited three of the most popular shows on the internet to come record an episode at the crib. Viceland’s Desus and Mero, Adam22’s No Jumper, and Hannibal Buress’ Handsome Rambler podcasts all accepted and showed up to the Oasis.

I briefly caught up with Hannibal Buress before he and co-host DJ Tony Trimm interviewed the group Phantogram from our media room. In the spirit of Coachella weekend and the Weedmaps Oasis, I asked Hannibal what he currently enjoyed listening to while he smokes.


Hannibal told me, “I used to always listen to “Wassup” by A$AP Rocky, love that song. But I’ll tell you what, I took an edible earlier and once it hit, I couldn’t stop listening to “dodatshit!” by Playboi Carti. I was playing along on my theremin.”

After that unbelievably wild answer, I scrolled Hannibal’s social media to see if he really uses a theremin (an instrument with no strings that plays notes based on proximity to human touch). Not only did I find evidence that Hannibal does in fact own a theremin and uses it, I found footage of him doing just what said, playing along to Playboi Carti’s new banger.

Hannibal and DJ Tony Trimm’s guest for Handsome Rambler, Phantogram singer Sarah Barthel, let her boyfriend tag along to watch the interview and enjoy the Weedmaps Oasis — you may know him as the Flying Tomato, snowboarding legend Shaun White. No big deal.


Next up was Desus and Mero, who roamed the domes speaking with guests and asking the hard-hitting weed questions. The whole Viceland bus showed up with the Bodega Boys to film content for Weed Week, so keep your eyes peeled on their TV network for scenes from the Weedmaps Oasis.


Pro BMX rider Adam22 and his OnSomeShit team showed up in their RV Friday night ready to party all weekend, and they meant business. Shoutout to OSS squad Reed, Alfredo, Connor, and the rest of the squad for stopping by and enjoying the Oasis with us. Adam sat down with Weedmaps skate team rider Braydon Szafranski for a colorful conversation about weed, music, life in LA, and more.


After all the podcasts had wrapped for the day, it was time to head back outside for the main event. As day turned to night, A$AP Mob showed up to take over the Weedmaps Oasis and add a little New York flavor to the mix. A$AP Lou and J. Scott, also lovingly referred to as The Cozy Boys, hit the stage first for a DJ set that had the whole Oasis bumping. A-listers were popping up left and right to see what the Weedmaps house was all about, including an appearance by Schoolboy Q, who just wanted to smoke and dance the night away.



After the Cozy Boys finished up, A$AP Rocky hit the stage to get everyone on their feet, which was not a small task at a party where people had been enjoying amazing cannabis products for nearly 48 hours. Rocky’s rumored girlfriend Kendall Jenner was also in attendance with a few of her closest friends who also just happen to be 8-foot bodyguards.


dram-idnitTo close out his DJ set with a bang, Rocky brought out “Broccoli” artist D.R.A.M. to premiere a new collaboration between the two budding superstars.

The crowd seemed to love the as-yet-unreleased song, but to be fair, the deafening screams may have been for D.R.A.M.’s dog, Idnit, who was one of the most in-demand guests of the entire weekend.

Easter Sunday began beautifully, as the cleaning lady in the Weedmaps Oasis house was nice enough to make the team her famous “butterballs,” which were essentially massive cinnamon sugar donut holes.

After devouring some breakfast over a few wake and bake dabs of Spacewalker from Natures Lab, it was time to start the day.

One of the most fun guests we had all weekend at the Weedmaps Oasis was Action Bronson, who stopped by to crush dabs, eat wings, and rough up challengers in basketball.


While Action Bronson brought the biggest crowds, EDM DJ Marshmello definitely turned the most heads. I have never been more envious of another man’s giant white reflective helmet than I was in the beating sunlight of the Oasis. Right as I was about to ask him where I could purchase myself one, I witnessed Marshmello’s helmet perform its own light show and realized it was probably custom and just a bit outside of my budget.


With many would-be guests attending the last day of Coachella, it was a perfect opportunity for me to check out all of the brand domes without having to be squished in with a mass of other hopeful smokers or wait in line for a dab — this means back-to-backers were going down with ease, kind of like my exhausted body when it hit any sort of comfortable surface.


Nameless Genetics focused on healing, as is tradition, pairing ultra-relaxing massages with pre-rolls of Mega Wellness, Nectarine, and a super limited run of their amazing Watermelon strain.


If you were looking to escape the pool to play some pool, Brass Knuckles had you covered in their own separate guest house, stocked to the brim with top shelf solvent-free cartridges.


Gen X knew that many Coachella attendees travel from far away and might not be up to speed on the latest and greatest in cannabis concentrate technology, so they dabbed out seasoned vets and rookies alike with their impeccably made CO2 extracts.


The Weedmaps & Miss Grass dome offered partygoers a place to sit down on some comfortable cushions with friends around a table, smoke some delicious flower, and recharge the batteries before heading to their next destination. While they hung around with Miss Grass, guests were treated to cannabis-infused nail art, flower crowns, on-the-go spa services from Osea, and more. Wicked Glass had live demo outside the Weedmaps dome where they made some beautiful custom pieces over the course of the weekend.


FlavRX did what they do best by offering guests some of the best tasting concentrates available on the market, many in easy-to-use portable pens that you can take with you anywhere. FlavRX’s grasp on terpene profiles and delivery design is unmatched, as were the vibes in their dome.


Sugar Leaf set up a dab bar in their dome and seemed to have a long line of guests patiently waiting to dab all three nights. My FOMO finally got the best of me and I couldn’t resist trying some of their shatter, even though it meant waiting my turn in line. I highly recommend Sugar Leaf’s Sour Diesel shatter and their Diamond OG flower, ask your local dispensary if they stock either or both — trust me.

As my joint account ran low, I hit the Futurola station to re-up. These guys have invented some of the coolest rolling technology in the game, able to grind pounds of flower in mere seconds, then turn those grounds into hundreds of joints in the blink of an eye. I sat there staring endlessly like a toddler at the aquarium, filled with wonder and amazement.


Atomik went to infinity and beyond with their dome, converting the enclosed globe into a stunning virtual reality planetarium. Guests could sample some of Atomik’s out of this world offerings, including their delicious Gold Moonrocks, and then get comfortable inside the spherical theater for a trip around the stars.

Later that night, another massive pool party ensued, and people that heard how lit the Weedmaps Oasis was all weekend finally came out of the woodwork to make an appearance. Among that Sunday night Oasis first-timers was British pop star Rita Ora, who had fun by the pool with WM rider Braydon on what I can corroborate are the most comfortable bean bags in the world.


After replenishing the bake levels (and then some), it was time to find a place to cool out and relax. I found Boo Johnson and some other members of the Weedmaps Skate Team by the pool listening to music, so I came through switch and kicked it for a while. It was the perfect way to end my last day at the Oasis.


All in all, the Weedmaps Oasis was a weekend I’ll never forget, though some parts are a little smokey. Thanks to everyone who came out and had a blast with us, hopefully we’ll see you and some new faces next time around.


Stay tuned to Weedmaps TV for a full video recap of the Oasis coming soon.

All Digital Photos Courtesy of Stephen Panosian. Instant Print Photos By Author.

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