4-year-old Boy on Medical Marijuana Taken By Authorities


“We have no comment, it wouldn’t be appropriate,” said an unnamed spokesperson from John Hunter Hospital in Australia. That hospital is where 4-year-old Chase Walker-Steven was taken after being forcibly removed from his parents by police on May 19th.

This is the latest extreme turbulence in the heart-wrenching reality of one little boy who suffers from severe Cerebral Palsy. The child’s parents, Cini Walker and Marc Alexander Steven, have been treating Chase with medical cannabis instead of pharmaceuticals that, according to the parents, were producing seizures.

Last month, Chase was the subject of a cross-border amber alert when Cini took him from Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane. Doctors had been attempting to administer synthetic food and pharmaceutical medicine for Chase, which they claim he needs. However, Cini says that Chase’s condition and his seizures are a result of vaccines, as well as traditional medicine being administered.

Instead, Cini has been giving Chase organic food and medical marijuana, and she claims that Chase has improved greatly with this treatment regimen. He started laughing for the first time in three years as well as making other incredible leaps forward.

Now, due to the interference of police and family services, Chase has been away from his parents for longer than ever before. He has had no contact with them for several days and is in the company of complete strangers.

The removal of Chase from his parents on May 19th was cited as being necessary, based on a blood test result from the hospital. Both hospitals involved in this dramatic story had refused to give Chase medical marijuana as a treatment, despite Cini’s request and the fact that medical cannabis is available in Australia.

Last month’s incident and now this latest confrontation have resulted in a firestorm online, as well as public displays of support for the family who has been branded as “anti-vaxxers” by those who disagree with their actions.

The child being taken into police custody can be seen in this dramatic video.

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