AK-47 Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: A blunt weapon of peace, AK-47 is an energetic fusion of four strains transformed by the legendary cultivator – Simon from Serious Seeds. First popularized in the early 90s – AK-47, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the World Wide Web first elevated America’s collective IQ during the first Clinton administration.

The Result: Rapidly dispatching only aggression and physical discomfort, AK-47 provides a dynamically creative high. A perfect strain for those who struggle with late-afternoon fatigue, daily depression or aching joints and muscles, AK-47 works wonders at firing up the creative juices while simultaneously snuffing out physical discomfort.

The Verdict: Regardless of its misleading, if not intimidating nomenclature – AK-47 is an overtly mellow Sativa. Still an uplifting strain, the initial effect provides an insightful and perceptive moment of relaxation.

Locate AK-47 Marijuana At A Dispensary near You Today

Locate AK-47 marijuana at a dispensary near you today

Strain Characteristics

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (65/35)

Also Known As: AK47

Genetics: South American (Colombian), Mexican, Thai, and Afghani

Origin: Netherlands

How Stoned Will You Get: 7.5

Average THC: 15-20%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Awards: 2nd Place HTCC 1999, 2nd Place HTCC 2003, 3rd Place HTCC 2011

Strain Profile

The Science: AK-47, as tested by Analytical 360, displayed a mild THC profile that was complemented by its three major terpenes: Myrcene (musk), α-Pinene (pine & sage), and β-caryophyllene (pepper). Originally bred from a Colombian landrace and crossed with some Thai and Mexican genetics, AK-47’s Indica traits appear courtesy of the Afghani gene pool. A purported “one-hit” wonder, the relatively balanced cannabinoid profile of AK-47 allows for a well-rounded body and head high.

Appearance: AK-47’s green and yellow buds provide a glow-in-the-dark luminescence that is accentuated with the occasional streak of purple and its bright orange pistils. Illuminated by the amber trichomes like a neon sign, the strain’s conical-shaped flower provides a robust bag appeal. Sizeable calyxes, expansive bulk, and moderate height are detectable phenotypes of the AK-47 strain. Camouflaged by its resinous trichs, these compact buds beckon to be lit up.

Consistency: Dense, resinous, yet malleable – these killer buds are best disarmed with a grinder or scissors. Though hand-to-hand combat (shredding by fingers) is still an option, who would voluntarily waste the valuable compounds?

Scent: AK-47 nugs provide a zesty skunk-like musk. Peppered with hints of pine, sage, sandalwood, and some light citrus undertones, the AK-47 aroma is capped with a pungent diesel finish. Once shredded for consumption, it’s powerfully therapeutic terpenes help sedate an overly aggressive mindset.

Taste: Drawing AK-47’s flavorful smoke deep into the lungs, the taste buds are dazed and confused by the hypnotic mixture of skunk, pepper, diesel, and citrus. Featuring an earth-centric flavor profile on the inhale, the savory exhale displays a slightly more petroleum-based profile.

Effect: Made blissful by nature, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is a full-blown assassin of depression and pain. AK-47’s high is instant and enduring (lasting 1-2 hours), instilling an attentive yet tranquil mentality. Long considered a “one hit wonder” by many thanks to its elevated THC content, those with an increased tolerance level may find they need a few hits for the medicinal effects to truly hit home.

Strain Background: An F1 hybrid that was first cultivated and disseminated in the Netherlands during the early 1990s, this strain was a dominant force in the West Coast medical marijuana scene soon after. Taking home accolades from the 1999, 2003, and 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, AK-47 provides superiority without concessions. Producing generous buds with a relatively short flowering period (for a Sativa), AK’s genetics produce a medium height plant and medium to heavy yields. Additionally, the AK-47 gene pool works beautifully on both an industrial scale or as a homegrown strain.

Medical Uses: Palliative, AK-47 is known to help provide relief for individuals menaced with daily bouts of stress, dejection, menstrual cramps, and arthritic pain.

Growth and Seed Info

Note: Be sure of the phenotype you’re cultivating (Sativa or Indica?)

Pros: Short flowering period (for a Sativa)



Cons: Odor attracts unwanted attention

Original Breeder: Serious Seeds

Current Breeder: Serious Seeds

Known Phenotypes: Indica phenos, short, compact, fast flower 

Seed Bank of Choice: Serious Seeds

Flowering Time: 50-65 days

Flowering Type: Sea of Green (SOG)

Growth Height: Untopped, tall

Expected Yield: Generous

Garden Skill Level: Intermediate/beginner

Family: Sativa Hybrid

Related Strains: Automatic AK-47, Cream 47, White Russian, Space

Breeder Quote/Advice: By utilizing the SOG cultivation technique, growers are able to improve their overall yield and enjoy greater control of the plant’s canopy.

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