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Strain Overview

The Scoop: Cultivated high in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Utopia Farms’ C. Banana — you may know it as Chiquita Banana — is considered to have some of the loftiest THC content in the Golden State. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, C. Banana is the genetic offspring of OG Kush and Utopia’s own Banana strain. Originally marketed as ‘Banana OG’ by Utopia Farms, their initially sluggish sales skyrocketed once rebranded as ‘Chiquita Banana.’ However, Chiquita Brands International would prefer to maintain exclusive rights to their petite name — and we arrive at “C. Banana.”

The Result: Fiercely intoxicating, C. Banana elevated the existing Banana OG cut to the next strata of existence. A descendent of the OG Kush family, Chiquita’s superior cannabinoid content and remarkable flavor profile convey a sense of relaxed euphoria and energetic passion.

The Verdict: A killer of malignant despair, stress, apprehension, and lethargy, Chiquita Banana inherited its ability to provide its soothing sedative effects from the Indica side of its gene pool. Genetically advanced by Utopia Farms, C. Banana retains some tasty and beneficial Sativa-dominant phenotypes that work perfect for providing a little late-afternoon motivation.

Strain Characteristics

Locate C. Banana at a shop near your today

Locate C. Banana at a shop near you today

Type: 60/40 Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Also Known As: Banana OG

Genetics: OG Kush x (Utopia) Banana

Origin: Central Coast/Santa Cruz

How Stoned Will You Get: 9.5

Average THC: 23.72%

Average Price Per ⅛: $55

Awards: 3rd Place 2015 HTCC, 1st Place 2015 710 Cup

Strain Profile

The Science: C. Banana, tested by SC labs, enjoys an elevated THC profile that’s accentuated by its three major terpenes: Limonene (citrus), Myrcene (musk), and β-caryophyllene (pepper). With a total THC content of 26.94%, of which 23.72% is Δ9THC, our banana’s cannabinoid and terpene profile suggest the strain would work wonders for mitigating stress and elevating a depressed state of mind.

Appearance: C.Banana’s flower structure is solid – but not excessively so. Irregular shaped and covered in flavorful terps and THC-laced trichs, C. Banana’s emerald green nugs and pale golden pistils accentuate the flower’s well-manicured appearance. Embraced by engorged calyxes and wrapped by intertwining pistils, simply observing these flowers through a magnifying glass encourages a sense of psychological bliss.

Consistency: Typical of most Sativa-dominant strains, C. Banana’s texture, and density remains on the lighter side of the consistency spectrum. Easily dissected by hand, utilizing a grinder in preparation of smoking might be considered overkill by some. But, truth be told, it’ll prevent any unnecessary waste of the plant’s valuable compounds and provide a better burning joint or bowl.       

Scent: Aromatic and masterfully cured, the plant’s flowers are steeped in a pungent tropical aroma. More citrus forward and tropical than a truly sweet banana, our C. Banana sample also expressed subtle hints of a pepper-laced soil at first whiff.

Taste: Freaking delicious! While no strain is going to taste exactly like its namesake, this flavorful strain comes amazingly close. Lemony and sweet, C. Banana’s three main terpenes ultimately dictate the strains overall flavor profile: Citrus, fruit, and pepper.

Effect: Cerebrally inspiring (Sativa), this strain starts with a pleasant and subtle head rush. Thoughts of personal inhibition replaced with inspired creativity; no longer repressed by doubt or plagued by endless nights of sleepless pain, these organically cultivated indoor flowers provide true therapeutic relief for those with an elevated tolerance.

Strain Background: Cultivated by Utopia Farms, C. Banana is the company’s version of their Sativa heavy Banana strain – crossed with an OG Kush. According to Kaiya D., a co-founder of Utopia Farms, the strain “originally went to market” branded as ‘Banana OG.’ Initially underperforming at the local shops, after a simple name change, some solid test results, and two key competitions, Chiquita Banana — now C. Banana — established itself as one of the most potent strains in California.

Medical Uses: As flavorful as it is effectual, Chiquita Banana helps manage those occasional bouts of muscle aches, joint discomfort, and stress-related pain. Caveat: Due to the strain’s Sativa-dominant nature, it’s best utilized as daytime medicine.

Growth and Seed Info

Photo Courtesy of Allison Beckett

Photo Courtesy of Allison Beckett

Note: As Utopia Farms doesn’t sell their Sativa-dominant seeds, the below growth information pertains to generic Banana Sativa.

Pros: Flavor

Cons: Locating seeds

Original Breeder: Unknown

Current Breeder: Unknown

Known Phenotypes: Leggy

Seed Bank of Choice: Holy Smokes Seeds

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Flowering Type: ScrOG

Growth Height: Untopped, tall

Expected Yield: 400 grams

Garden Skill Level: Intermediate

Family: Sativa

Related Strains: Banana OG, Banana Crack, Banana Cream Cake, Banana Cookies, Banana Kush, Banana Sherbet, Banana Split

Breeder Quote/Advice: Unless you plan on using the ScrOG cultivation technique, or some other form of topping, be sure to provide these stretchy ladies plenty of space for vertical growth.

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  1. Great news!! Utopia (Breeder of C. Banana) is starting their own seed line, about to release 2 hybrids crossing their Chiquita Banana with 24k and with Big Sur Holy Weed. About to order mine ……

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