Cannabis Life Conference Toronto Promotes Normalization


If there’s one word that sums up the Cannabis Life Conference this past weekend, it’s normalization.

Cannabis business functions in legal-ish hotspots like Toronto are becoming a dime a dozen for our rapidly burgeoning industry. The vast majority of these events take place at venues long-accustomed to the corporate conference lifestyle, such as downtown hotels and convention centers.

The Cannabis Life Conference, however, was held at the Evergreen Brick Works. This location is a relaxed, partially outdoor venue that has the reputation of being a wholesome family weekend hangout.


For those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Evergreen Brick Works, it’s a series of old buildings surrounded by acres of natural outdoor green space. Torontonians come here to shop at farmers markets while kids go outside to explore different play areas.


Inside, there was a whole new type of green space this past weekend. One where many booths, selling a myriad of edibles, prerolls, and other goodies lined up to serve attendees. Companies that included Crop King Seeds, Cannabis Growers of Canada and, of course, Weedmaps, were all on hand to spread the love around and educate those in attendance.

Throughout public areas of the Brick Works, throngs of people wearing badges and signs that said Cannabis Life Conference were impossible to ignore, and seemingly anybody who was outside the event for other purposes didn’t bat an eye.


A stage at the front of the venue had speakers such former as NFL Running Back and contributor Ricky Williams, Alan Gertner from Tokyo Smoke, and Abi Roach from the HotBox Cafe.


What the Cannabis Life Conference showed more than anything else is that marijuana is simply a lifestyle choice. One that easily incorporates with normal, everyday living. If it was the intent of the organizers to choose the Evergreen Brick Works based on that idea, then their statement was a huge success.

Photos courtesy of Cannabis Life Conference

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