Chemdawg Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: A legendary leader of the strain game, Chemdawg’s mysterious origins are only outweighed by her inherent greatness. Mother to renowned genetics such as Diesel and Headband, this legend has locked her name into cannabis history. Her signature petrol aroma is instantly recognizable among cannabis connoisseurs from the around the globe.

The Result: Tired cheeks and a sore belly … I’m warning you now, fits of laughter are likely to ensue after a nice big hit of this divine herb. Followed up by a relaxing nap, this strain will leave you relieved and rejuvenated for a day of getting sh*t done. Depending on the phenotype, Chemdawg can be really sedative and relaxing. There’s no question, whether you get a Sativa-leaning or Indica-leaning pheno, you will be stoned!

The Verdict: A smooth, awakening hit will have you feeling vibrant, inspired, and reaching toward the munchies. One of the finest balanced strains, Chemdawg provides the best of both worlds — a relaxing body high with a stimulating but not racy head high. Depending on your mood and current situation, this strain will assist in moving you toward what your body needs most: good food, good laughs, inspired work or deep naps.


Chemdawg courtsey of Sugar Tree Farms

Strain Characteristics

Type: 50/50 Hybrid

Also Known As: Chem Dog, Chem Dawg

Existing Phenos: Chemdawg ‘91, Chemdawg 4 (D)

Genetics: Speculation 1: unknown Indica strain; Speculation 2: Nepali x Thai

Origin: Where East Coast Meets Colorado — ‘91 Grateful Dead Show

How Stoned Will You Get: 9

Average THC: 16-22%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40


Strain Profile

The Science: This sample of Chemdawg, tested by Steep Hill Labs, provides a potent THC profile complemented by a surprisingly significant dose of CBG (cannabigerol). This strain’s three primary terpenes make up its unmistakable aromatic profile: Myrcene (musk), β-caryophyllene (pepper), and Pinene (pine trees). All of these compounds combine harmoniously into an herb that melts tension, relieves anxiety, and boosts overall mood.

Appearance: Chunky, grenade-shaped buds are typical with a nice harvest of Chem dawg. Different shades of green from pale sage to dark forest green make up the crystal-coated buds with beautiful glimpses of bright orange pistils. Upon breaking open a bud, a complex crystal cavern is revealed that draws you into her resinous abyss.

Consistency: Expect substantial-sized buds that are extra sticky, spongy, and semi-dense. Breaking up by hand might leave your fingers glued together, and even the toughest grinder shows some resistance when faced with Chem dawg’s tenacious buds.

Scent: With the thick kerosene-soaked aroma that radiates from a bag, you’d think it could practically burst into flames from the smell alone. It’s this pungent, petroleum stench made so many smokers fall in with this strain. A chemical funk emanates upon the first sniff, followed by sugar-coated fuel that tinges your nostrils. When you get real Chemdawg, your nose knows that you’re in for a treat.

Taste: Smooth and rich like a glass of nice whiskey, Chemdawg’s flavor packs an unforgettable punch. The dominance of the beta-caryophyllene terpene brings a hint of spiciness, like fresh-ground black pepper. Resembling some of the attributes that Sour Diesel and OG Kush are best known for, Chemdawg has subtle notes of gasoline, earthiness, clove, and spice.

Effect: Holla at all the folks with social anxiety, this is your herb! Chemdawg brings euphoria without inducing anxiety, making it perfect for those “do I have to?” social occasions. She’s sure to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step — expect uncontrollable bursts of giggles. The general enlightenment Chemdawg brings is helpful for those who need a quick mood elevator. The hint of CBG in this unique strain also makes it great for relieving stress and tension throughout the body. Energized yet peaceful — Chemdawg’s effect is one to be treasured.

Strain Background: Every legendary strain has an equally mysterious origin story, and it is no different with our girl Chemdawg. As the story goes, a group of Colorado growers (one of whom was P-Bud) went on the Summer of ‘91 Grateful Dead tour with one pound of freshly harvest Dog Bud — it was so strong it made you ‘roll over like a dog.’ P-Bud began nicknaming the Dog Bud “chem weed” because it smelled so strongly of chemicals and gasoline. P-Bud came across a loyal customer throughout the tour who loved the herb so much, he earned the moniker Chem Dog. After the tour, Chem Dog and P-Bud kept in touch and continued to trade harvests from Colorado to Massachusetts. So legend has it, P-Bud sent Chem Dog a couple ounces of Dog Bud — one of which was riddled with seeds. Chem Dog popped some of the seeds in ‘91, leading to the legendary Chemdawg ‘91 strain as we now know it. He continued to pop seeds over the next few years and stumbled upon another winning phenotype which he named Chemdawg D (or 4). And there you have it, even the most epic strains have humble beginnings as a simple “bagseed.”

Medical Uses: Motivating and inspiring, Chemdawg is used frequently as a daytime medicine to melt away pain and aches while keeping your mind focused and stimulated. It’s most often used as a general “pick-me-up” to relieve depression and anxiety.


Chemdawg courtesy of Sugar Tree Farms

Growth and Seed Info

Our sample of Chemdawg was provided by Sugar Tree Farms.

Note: Chem dawg is one of those clone-only, hard-to-find the genuine cut, type of strain.

Pros: Flavor, Yield

Cons: Locating genuine genetics

Original Breeder: Unknown / Chem Dog / P-Bud

Current Breeder: Unknown

Known Phenotypes: Chemdawg ‘91, Chemdawg 4, Chemdawg D

Seed Bank of Choice: N/A

Flowering Time: 58-61 days

Flowering Type: ScrOG

Expected Yield: High

Garden Skill Level: Intermediate

Family: Kush, Landrace

Related Strains: Sour Diesel, Headband, Star Dawg, Chem Scout, Dawgwalker

Photos courtesy of Allie Beckett via Sugar Tree Farm

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  1. Great review! Definitely nailed the smell and taste aspects as well as the social anxiety note! I definitely recommend to try live resin chem for that strong diesel tast;, color and consistency is great as well.

  2. I loved what you said about this strain, and you are spot on! I love how chem dog provided me with a perfect balance between a body high and a head high. Similarly, it’s great hybrid effects make it the most versatile strain I’ve tried. It helps me relax and sleep like a baby, but gives me enough energy and creativity to work unimpeded.

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