DEA Raids Illegal Colorado Grow Next to an Elementary School


Last Friday, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents seized marijuana plants from an illegal grow operation in Monument, Colorado that was cultivating cannabis adjacent to an elementary school.

The raid occurred after law enforcement received “many calls” from a concerned woman in the “upscale King’s Deer neighborhood.” The action took place at 19150 Breton Place, where DEA agents were seen “removing 4- to 7-foot plants and piling them 3 feet high in the driveway” while children could be heard playing at the nearby school.


0.2 miles between the illegal grow and the elementary school

According to The Gazette, this raid was related to “a federal investigation into drug trafficking,” and the DEA stated that the home grow was part of a network sending cannabis out of Colorado to other states. Later that same day, the DEA also raided a home in Cascade, Colorado and a nearby storage unit connected to an illegal operation.

Similarly, in March, the DEA conducted a large-scale raid on multiple grow locations in Colorado pertaining to a larger, out-of-state operation. Those March raids were reportedly unrelated to the promise of “greater enforcement” from the federal government on recreational marijuana.

Reading between the leaves, these raids probably had more to do with neighborly concern and a subsequent investigation than the DEA’s long-term agenda on marijuana enforcement. Neighbors of the Monument home told The Gazette they smelled cannabis flowers “at all times of the day” and noticed “suspicious behavior” like excessive construction.

If growing illegal cannabis is ill-advised, then growing illegal cannabis adjacent to an elementary school simply lacks common sense.

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  1. I am in complete support of cannabis reform and legalization but doing it illegally your just asking for problems! Regulation IS NEEDED like there is for alcohol or just about anything out there. Without regulation there is no way to know what is in your products and if I’m putting something in my body I want to know whats in it! I do that with all my food items I either purchase or grow myself. Keeping the black market down is a great thing!! I just hope the shit head Sessions doesn’t try to follow through on his threat to shut down all LEGAL cannabis operations in the states where the will of the people have spoken to legalize it.

  2. They are not exactly the brightest buds on the plant locating near the elementary school. They were under observation by the DEA and local law enforcement right away. The mothers of kids were going crazy trying for over a year to get rid of them. It is amazing they were able to operate there as long as they did. They must of been using their own product during their business meetings when they decided to set up shop across the street from an elementary school? I’m just sayin.

  3. Let’s see, someone is growing plants near a school. How does this do any harm to kids? Are they getting high from being to close to it, No. Then what is the big deal. I have seen liquor stores next to schools with people having out drinking and they also sell cigarettes other dangerous stuff there. It’s crazy, A kid can live next to someone growing but they can’t go to school near someone growing? Now unless the kids are lining up at the guys door before heading off to school to score some weed, which I am sure non of the kids need to do since most of their parents probably smoke and or many of the kids friends. I don’t see the harm here.

  4. Victimless crime, neighbors with nothing better to do. School zone sentencing is a racist tool, try to find any location in an urban area that isn’t a mile from some form of school or daycare.

  5. Victimless crime, neighbors with nothing better to do. School zone sentencing is a racist tool, try to find any location in an urban area that isn’t a mile from some form of school or daycare. I AGREE!!!!!! FUK FA POLICE ITS ALL ABOUT FREEDOM NOT ABOUT SNITCHS WITH TOOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS!!! STOP BITCHING , GET A LIFE LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE ALREADY U FUCKING USED CONDOM AZZ SNITCHZ!!!!

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