Mother’s Day: Top “Mom Approved” Cannabis Products


Mother’s Day is upon us, and with the legalization of cannabis spreading across the country, you know it’s just a matter of time before your mom gets in on the craze (if she hasn’t already). Legalization has unleashed an entirely new world of products, cannabis is not just sitting in a circle smoking a joint anymore. The industry has evolved to teas, fresh-squeezed juices, bath soaks, and hundreds of other products that mom’s love.

Introduce your mom to the new side of cannabis with these products, and get her a Mother’s Day gift she’ll be raving to all her friends about 😉

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Whoopi & Maya Amber Moon Bath Soak

Without a doubt, one of the most approachable cannabis products, this bath soak provides ultimate relaxation and pain relief. Treat your mom with a cannabis spa day for Mother’s Day to melt her pain and stress away.


Mary Jane Juice Co. Organic Carrot Orange Apple Juice

Fresh juice and cannabis, does it get any better?! This organic juice is perfect for those healthy moms who can’t go a day without their juice. Cannabis provides an entirely new health experience to the juicing craze.


Hepburn Pre-Roll Petites

Okay, so I know I said cannabis isn’t just smoking joints anymore … but can’t you just imagine your mom walking around with this cute joint pack in her purse?! Filled with premium flower and terpene-paired hash, these petite joints are quite the kicker.caffeinated_mocha_cafe_coffee

Jane’s Brew Mocha Coffee K-Cups

A perfect way to start the day! Slightly medicating and discreet, melt the stress of Mondays with a fresh cup of gourmet cannabis coffee.



Subtle Tea Dreamtime Tea

Chamomile, valerian, peppermint, and cannabis harmoniously come together for an otherworldly tea experience. If you’re Mom is one that enjoys a relaxing cup of tea before bed, introduce her to this dreamy concoction for a real nighttime treat.bhang_spray_150mg_fresh_mint_spray

Bhang CBD Mint Sublingual Spray

Subtle, fresh, and relieving. These minty mouth sprays provide a low-dose of CBD that gives just enough to take away headaches and other pains while lifting the spirit. marys-good-greens-cannabis-smoothie

Mary’s Good Greens Powder Mix

Cannabis smoothie powder? Okay, now I think we’ve seen it all! For those moms who can’t go a day without their green smoothie, try adding an extra kick of cannabinoids. Everyone knows the benefits of juicing raw cannabis leaves, but without a garden, they’re impossible to source. Now you can have access to the health wonders of raw cannabis, without the stank. not-so-virgin-coconut-oil

Not So Virgin Coconut Oil

One of the most versatile cannabis-infused products, this “Not So Virgin” oil can be used by the baking mom to make her own special treats. Use it on top of pancakes, popcorn, or a baked potato — throw it on anything! Bonus, she can even use it as a lotion!  



Apothecanna Calming Body Creme

With a tagline like “Your Mom Uses Weed Cream,” we couldn’t forget Apothecanna’s amazing line of topicals. Their Calming Body Oil is particularly relaxing, smooth, and fragrant. Calming herbs come together with cannabis to relieve anxiety and physical tension.cbd-luxe-spray

CBD Luxe Mint Sublingual Spray

When you need CBD on the go, this minty mouth spray is a great option. CBD products are perfect for moms who are new to the world of cannabis — this won’t make her feel high or loopy but will open her eyes to the incredible therapeutic value of cannabis! tjsprovisions_wyld_marionberry_gummies_-6

Wyld Marionberry Gummies

Grown-up gummies, yes please! Wyld pairs delicious flavors such as Marionberry with cannabis and real fruit to make a refreshing edible. Presented in an origami-like box, Wyld gummies really elevate the edible experience. leif_medicinals_almond_butter_2_r

Lief Organic Almond Butter

Simple ingredients, non-intimidating packaging, and extremely versatile, this Almond Butter is a perfect low-dose way to add a little bit of cannabis into your mom’s life. Spread it on toast, throw it in some cookies, blend it in a smoothie — the options are endless!



Mary’s Medicinal THC Transdermal Patches

Mary’s transdermal patches have swept the cannabis industry with their efficiency and innovation. This is definitely a “Mom Approved” products that causes any pain to vanish without the cannabis euphoria. It can even be cut up and applied to various parts of the body — just peel off the back and stick it wherever it hurts.  blue-kudo_zen-garden_recreational

Blue KUDU Zen Garden Cherry Almond Dark Chocolate

Because who doesn’t love chocolate?! Your Mom will thank you for this extra-special treat that could blend into any Whole Foods shelf. Perfect to bring along to a relaxing spa day or to nibble on before bed for a sound night’s rest. roasted_seed_mix

Julie’s Roasted Seed Mix

Now on the opposite side of the spectrum, maybe your mother isn’t a “sweets” kinda lady. This awesome seed mix is energizing, healthy, and organic. Perfect for active moms who want to try elevating their hike, bike ride, or jog. 170222_floweroflifecbd_eucalyptus-8

Eucalyptus CBD Healing Salve

Not only does the smell of this salve instantly transport you to an exotic spa in the midst of a rainforest, but the feeling this salve produces is equally as calming. Rub it on temples to relieve headaches or on arthritic joints to reduce inflammation.

We’d love to hear what your Mom’s favorite cannabis products are! Let us know in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @marijuanadotcom


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