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The American Legion Appeals to Trump: Reclassify Cannabis!


The American Legion – one of the nation’s largest and most conservative veterans’ groups – is lobbying the Trump administration to reclassify cannabis. Currently, under existing guidelines, physicians with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are instructed to refrain from even discussing the effectiveness of medical marijuana.

Sure to upset the likes of A.G. Jeff Sessions, the American Legion recently sent a letter to Pres. Trump asking the administration to reschedule marijuana. The Legion is asking that the plant be rescheduled in order to allow research to establish the plant’s potential medicinal value for treating America’s veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The Legion’s message was simple and concise, “clear the way for clinical research in the cutting-edge areas of cannabinoid receptor research.” The group is not asking for marijuana “to be legalized,” rather, they want to reschedule the plant so that it can be legally studied. According to Politico,

“There is overwhelming evidence that it has been beneficial for some vets. The difference is that it is not founded in federal research because it has been illegal.”

First broaching the topic with the Trump transition team during a December 2016 meeting, “the American Legion initiated a call-to-action” in support of research on medical marijuana and the DEA’s reclassification of marijuana from a Schedule I narcotic to Schedule III.

Ready to battle over failed policy, the American Legion is seeking a meeting with Trump’s son-in-law and right-hand man, Jared Kushner. “The request marks a significant turn in the debate over medical marijuana by lending an influential and unexpected voice. The Legion, made up mostly of Vietnam and Korean War-era veterans, is breaking with other leading vets’ groups such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars in lobbying for the removal of the major roadblock in pursuing marijuana treatment.”

Hardly alone in their noble effort, the American Legion was joined by the 115th Congress in attempting to provide veterans with safe access to medical marijuana in states where cannabis medicine is legal.

Ignoring the existing mountain of scientific evidence, the VA explains on its website that while some states have approved the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes – the VA is mandated to “follow all federal laws.”

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  1. Good for the American Legion for standing by our (us) Veterans. PTSD & TBI are serious and treatable. Rescheduling to level III is very reasonable and needs to be done NOW.

  2. I’m 66years old and have been smoking the weed for 48 years. I have not robed,killed or harmed any one to get my smoke. I use it to help with my PTSD it’s better than the narcotics that the V.A. would have me take. I have quit many times with out any help to just clean out my system. Narcotics gets you hooked or even O.D.on it and it is hard to quit cigarettes and some can not no matter how hard they try. So I say that marijuana should be lowered to schedule3and be allowed to help us out instead of giving us meds that will addict us. It doesn’t make any since to me that narcotics are given and marijuana is held back from us.

  3. It’s way overdue. Kids that can be helped with serious diseases should NOT be disqualified. I’ve seen sooo much in the political areana deny kids the treatment that has been proven to help them. I call that the most serious case of child abuse EVER! Stop these politicians who deny the American public a feasible solution for many many medical ailments. The time is now and benefits of MJ are no longer a secret…..the people will prevail.

  4. This is WAY overdue!
    OUR government maintains this idiotic stance denying evidence that cannabis has medical value by keeping it classified as a schedule I narcotic-this prevents REAL testing that would prove it has legitimate uses. I have suffered debilitating trauma and cannabis DOES provide me relief as an adjunct to my pain management.
    I guess that the feds would rather have me zonked out on opiates…

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