AG Jeff Sessions Called Out by Oregon Senator


On Tuesday, United States Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) called out U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – not once, but twice. First, Wyden interrogated the Atty. Gen. over his recusal from the ongoing Russian probe, then he issued a statement responding to Sessions’ request of congressional leaders, rebuking the AG’s request that the DOJ be allowed to prosecute medical marijuana providers as they see fit.

Per Sen. Wyden’s website, the Oregon Democrat noted approximately 90% of all U.S. states allow for some formal legal marijuana – and that it’s time for the elected officials to represent their constituents.

“Voters in Oregon and other states that have chosen to legalize marijuana should not have their votes thrown in the trash by this administration. It’s past time for Congress to stand up to this administration and begin to responsibly address our outdated federal marijuana laws.”

The primary sponsor of the 2017 Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act, Sen. Wyden has been an integral part of a bipartisan effort to reform our obsolete federal marijuana laws. Perhaps a little indignant from his earlier encounter before the Senate intelligence committee – Sen. Wyden put Sessions on blast.

“Jeff Sessions is again showing he only values upholding states’ rights when he thinks the state is right. Any attempt to waste taxpayer dollars by going after law-abiding citizens would run contrary to the science on marijuana, not to mention basic common sense.”

Per the most recent Quinnipiac poll, Americans support medical marijuana by approximately 94%, and an additional 60% support the legalization of this peaceful herb.

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      • LOVINGC

        you mistook my comment. I am flabbergasted how nobody seems to be talking about how Jeffrey in the mid 90’s fought tooth and nail to put limits on the extent to which insurance companies could sue tobacco companies for the degree of disease they cause. Beurogaurd bonehead also fought tooth and nail to limit FDA rules and regulations for tobacco. This is because the moron doesn’t think tobacco is a drug.

        It is extremely obvious to me Jefferson takes the stance he does because he is getting rich by tobacco lobbying. There was an article I read where he had to actually give money back to tobacco because they were giving him too much

  1. What are Mr. Sessions qualifying medical credentials? An M.D.? D.O. perhaps? What has Mr. Sessions reviewed or studied to come to his conclusions? How many Cannabis using quadriplegics, Multiple sclerosis/Cancer/severe arthritic patients sufferers has he interviewed? How does he plan on doing a transition for the child epileptic that Cannabis works for, onto the old medications that were not effective? Do we tell parents of epileptic children to tell their children in the middle of their returned seizures “its ok honey, Daddy Sessions didnt like the medicine that worked”?, Who is Jeff Sessions to issue statements about the effectiveness of MJ?

    • Mr Sessions is a closed minded idiot…Just like the Governor of Texas…Gregg Abbott…They want what… “They Want…” and Hell with all the Sick Veterans…and and the Sick Children…and all the other people that already use this plant for their illness but risk getting caught….thrown in jail and all the other consequences after that…that makes money for Texas…Governor Abbott will not be the next governor of Texas….I don’t even know where Sessions is from…. but he doesnt deserve to be a Leader in the Goverment of America…and neither does Gregg Abbott…

  2. Sessions is about as intelligent as the pen he’s using to write this bullshit with. Is it that only bad people don’t smoke cannabis?? Come on sessions wake up and quit lying to yourself .

  3. it’s not ignorance that fuels his position, like most in the administration it’s the ties to the commercial sector……in this case big pharma [left pocket]……and big tobacco [right pocket]. We can also get back to oppression if we can target the most popular recreational “drug” on the planet. lets fill those empty prison cells
    , since we are privatizing that as well, with the stoners of color and we can kill several hurdles to personal fortune at one time. These guys also insure they have nice consulting jobs with over the top salaries….or major stakes in the very companies benefiting from their policies. It’s all out in the open being thrown in our face on a daily basis with a background narrative thats asks….no SAYS….. WTF are you goanna do about it!

  4. Richard Caffrey on

    I really love how Attorney General sessions and his Dept Attorney General are spouting off about the research that was done in the early seventy’s. You know the report that Nixon destroyed and wrote himself, good stuff, lol

  5. He’s like Nixon’s AG, John Mitchell, talking about the gateway-theory, “After a while he gets less of a charge from it, and this psychological dependency causes him to move on to the harder stuff… we have to GET proof that it does create this dependency.”

    Voted for Trump, but can’t stand the baby-faced old man from the South on so many subjects.
    Get him out!!!

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