California Legislature Cultivates Marijuana Delivery Rules


On Thursday, politicians in the Golden State approved legislation governing the fast-growing marijuana industry. The approved bill seeks to establish the necessary rules and regulations governing the legal home delivery of your favorite strains, organic cultivation, and the distribution of free samples at your local county fair.

A virtual necessity for a state with the country’s highest population, the bill was decisively passed by both the Senate and Assembly who voted to send Senate Bill 94 on to Gov. Jerry Brown – who is anticipated to sign it.

Delivery services, changing the lives of the people they serve

Delivery services, changing the lives of the people they serve

Initially passed by the State Assembly on a 73 to 2 vote, the Senate later approved the legislation by 31 to 7. Good news for those house-bound patients and reclusive connoisseurs who can’t make it to their local dispensary, it’s even better news for California’s economy.  

Projected to generate approximately $5 billion in legal marijuana sales annually, according to The Hill, “The legal market will be a boon for the state coffers. Previous estimates of tax revenue generated by legal marijuana sales have ranged from $770 million to more than $1 billion annually.”

Marijuana Deliveries in Los Angeles?

As for recreational marijuana deliveries in The City of Angels, L.A. Weekly reported on Thursday, city officials are ready to adopt sweeping new regulations.

Supported by LA’s established legal marijuana industry, the proposed delivery regulations prohibit any delivery-only business models. Instead, Los Angeles city officials will require that any legal delivery service is linked to an actual brick-and-mortar dispensary.

Potentially poised to profit from the pot delivery conundrum, city officials find themselves caught between a financial rock and a hard place. By legalizing marijuana deliveries in the city of Los Angeles, LA could potentially generate additional tax revenue. On the other hand, as LA Weekly pointed out, “it could also crowd out traditional dispensaries.”

As a big fan of the whole retail marijuana shopping experience, I seriously doubt the convenience of home delivery could ever run a well-stocked dispensary out of business.

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