Canada’s Marijuana Mega Farms


The sheer size of cannabis growing facilities that are under construction in Canada is astounding.

The Great White North is poised to be the world leader in the production and distribution of medical cannabis, supplying the medicine across the nation. Canadian licensed producers (LPs) also provide medical marijuana internationally to countries with legislation in place but limited or no domestic cultivation capabilities.

Aside from Canada’s robust medical marijuana program, adult-use legalization is on the horizon, and the country has already been informed that our supply will be stretched thin once that happens. This shortage is one of the many reasons that growing facilities are about to get a whole lot bigger.

Most recently, MYM Nutraceuticals, a self-described biopharmaceutical company in Canada, has announced that it will build one of the largest cannabis cultivation facilities on the planet.

This gargantuan 1.5 million ft² pot factory will be built in Weedon, Quebec, approximately two hours east of Montreal.

The massive production space will contain 15 greenhouses that are each 100,000 ft². The entire operation is expected to produce over 150,000 kg of cannabis per year, with an estimated value of $750 million annually.

The partnership between MYM Nutraceuticals and the municipality of Weedon is the first of its kind, with the city supplying 329 acres of land to build on.

Weedon has already approved the construction designs for the initial portion of the facility. The schematics for the first 100,000 ft² greenhouse along with a 20,000 ft² warehouse are being created now.

“This is an important and significant deal for MYM and its shareholders,” said Rob Gietl, MYM’s CEO. “The sheer scope and exclusivity of this project will bring MYM global attention and propel the company into its next stage of growth. We have all of the architects, engineers, and consultants in place, and with the full support of the municipality of Weedon, we are moving ahead at an accelerated pace.”

Meanwhile, a few provinces over in Alberta, construction is underway on the Aurora Sky cannabis facility near the Edmonton airport. The 800,000 ft² facility will be larger than 16 football fields.

More than just a large space, Aurora Sky is being touted as one of the most technologically advanced cultivation facilities under construction. “We’re using technologies that have never been used, in some cases in cannabis production and in other cases, in agriculture,” said Cam Battley, CEO of Aurora Cannabis. “There will be robotics involved and we’ll be able to keep a closer watch and greater surveillance on our plants than any other agricultural facility in the world.”

The price tag forAurora Sky’s construction is approximately $100 million and is expected to create at least 200 to 300 jobs in the Edmonton area.

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Jon Hiltz was a journalist for for two years and is now director of content for INDIVA, a licensed cannabis producer in Ontario Canada.

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  1. Rob Woodside on

    Hmmm….. We don’t really know what the consumption will be intitially or when it settles down after a while. The reefer madness fear is that like in most legal jurisdictions there will be an initial shortage of supply and so they are expediting grow op permits. If there is a shortage then reefer madness says the black market will be happy to supply what’s needed , as they try to do now. However it also raises the spectre of over supply.

    With Reefer Madness controlling our legalization we have a 30 gram possession limit. That’s like saying you can have a single 1.17 litre bottle of hard liquor or face jail time. I wonder how many bottles of scotch or wine would be in the average scotch or wine collection? If there is an oversupply it will be painful for the start ups but perhaps the 30 gram limit will be increased hoping a dope collection will soak up the over supply.

    Marijuana should be treated like that other drug of choice- coffee beans, freely available in grocery stores without any 30 gram limit. Already alcohol is available in many grocery stores!

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