Good, Bad, and Ugly: LA Controller Identifies Compliant Dispensaries


Categorized by their legal standing, 1,510 marijuana dispensaries across Los Angeles have been identified on a new interactive map, of which, “756 marijuana businesses” maintained their 2016 Business Tax Regulation Certificate.

Published for public consumption by the Los Angeles City Controller, the map identifies those dispensaries known to be in compliance with LA’s voter-approved Proposition D. Also pinpointing compliant dispensaries that held a 2016 Business Tax Regulation Certificate, the map exposes those shops that have had criminal charges filed against them by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

Compliant Marijuana Dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles

Compliant Marijuana Dispensaries in the City of Los Angeles

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin sent a letter to the LA City Council, encouraging increased oversight for those dispensaries operating within city limits.

According to Curbed Los Angeles, Galperin is projecting the combined tax revenue from both medical and recreational marijuana sales “could result in close to $50 million in revenue for the city.”

Per Galperin’s letter: “Economists with marijuana industry experience estimate that first-year retail sales in the City of Los Angeles for both medical marijuana and newly legalized recreational marijuana will likely approach $700 million. Given that voters have already approved City business taxes of up to 10% of gross receipts on recreational sales and up to 5% on medical sales, the City could be entitled to collect at least $50 million in tax revenue from retail sales in 2018.”

Still very much the Wild West according to Galperin, more than 1,600 medical marijuana dispensaries are thought to be currently operating in the greater Los Angeles area. And, “In the interest of maximizing the city’s tax revenues,” Galperin’s letter suggests the Los Angeles City Council adopt a regulatory framework that achieves greater controls over the industry, allows for banking, and disseminates vital information among state regulators.

Profiting the Good and castigating the Bad, the LA City Controller is hopeful this informative map will help drive LA’s marijuana consumers to those dispensaries that comply with existing regulations and are in good standing with the Los Angeles Office of Finance.

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