How to Roll a Tulip Joint in Less Than Ten Minutes


There’s nothing like spending a warm summer day getting too lit with a tulip.

If you haven’t met before, let me introduce you to the tulip joint. An Amsterdam-approved smoking method that packs a serious punch, tulip joints deliver smooth, thick clouds of smoke like no other.

A beautiful work of joint art, it’s actually really easy to roll! Follow these simple steps and you’ll have an elevated smoking experience in no time.


What You’ll Need…


Start by grinding up some weed, a lot of weed.


Roll the tulip’s stem, aka roll a regular joint. You can use the kingsize papers that we’ll use for the tulip flower, or you can go the route of stuffing a party-size cone (via Futurola) for a massive, extra-shareable joint.

*Note: The traditional tulip joint uses a hollow filter for the stem, but you know I’m not one to opt out of less weed! Using a joint as the stem extends the life of the party by at least thirty minutes, making it the perfect companion for that long summer cook-out, camping trip, or concert. 


After the stem is rolled, it’s time to make the flower! Take two king-size rolling papers, lick one of the gummed edges, and seal the papers together — forming a large square.

Be sure to leave the other gummed edge exposed, we’ll use that in the next step to seal the tulip together. 


With the square of rolling paper formed, take the tip opposite of the gummed edge and bring it down until a triangle forms, as shown in the photo below.


Once the fold is sealed, lick the gummed edge, and seal the triangle together.


Grind some more weed to fill the tulip…


Begin filling the tulip, gently packing down the flower as you go.


Once the pouch is fully packed, the flower is ready to come together. Place your joint stem into the base of the tulip, then carefully wrap the excess paper around the stem, twisting to secure.

Use the hemp wick to fasten the tulip onto the stem.


For the finishing touch, roll up the excess paper up around the hemp wick, and voila, you have a tulip joint!


Finally, time to light up…

And pass it around!


Once the tulip burns to the base and is about to burn the hemp wick, I find it easiest to manually unwrap the hemp wick and continue smoking the joint. 

So how’d it go? Hopefully, you’re successfully puffin’ on a tulip joint right now —  Tag us in your pics on Instagram @marijuanadotcom

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