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Keef Sparkling Water Review


When asked to review this new Keef Sparkling water beverage, I’ll admit there was an initial hesitation. I tend to avoid medicated drinks because they typically taste awful. Plus, it was only a 10mg dose in the entire bottle, so I was skeptical I was even the best person to analyze the true effects of the infused beverage. Thankfully, fresh off a two-week break from smoking, this was the perfect time to test out some low-dose products I normally wouldn’t consider. Broaden your horizons, people.

In previous attempts at trialing medicated drinks, the overwhelming syrupy texture combined with the bitter taste of mixed — rather than infused — cannabis concentrate was too much to bear. When I popped open the bottle top of my Keef Sparkling water, my first impression was that I didn’t detect the expected initial aroma of cannabis — this was a good sign. The scent of cannabis is usually beautiful but can sometimes throw off the natural essence of a food or beverage and take a different shape, creating this weird and unappealing “edible smell.” After the inaugural sip, I was pleasantly surprised for a few reasons. First, it was difficult to distinguish the cannabis on my palate. While the product I sampled contained just 10mg of infused marijuana, I couldn’t taste it at all. Second, the texture felt as fizzy as a soda, including that initial little bite on your first sip, but with none of the thick sugary film. Finally, the lemon flavor was distinct but not so strong that it overpowered the entire experience. The Keef drink had optimal proportions of fruit flavor to let the sparkling aspect of the beverage shine.

Ease of Use
Because the Keef drink I sampled for the review was only 10mg, I drank the whole bottle without consideration for dosing. If the variety of Keef you pick up at your local dispensary is stronger, you may want to consider drinking the bottle in stages to obtain a decent grasp of how the doses affect you personally — start low and go slow It would help if the bottle had a dosing guide on the side so less experienced consumers could be aware of exactly how much they had already ingested.

As previously stated, due to tolerance and the low dosage of the beverage, I wasn’t expecting that much of a high from the lemon Keef. However, even though I did not experience a tremendously strong high from the dose, the effects it did produce were swift and enjoyable. There was a whole-body calm, followed by a lofty and mellow high that helped with some back pain I’d been suffering from all day. This dosage would be perfect for a patient looking for therapeutic relief via THC without feeling stoned.

Keef prides themselves in the impeccable ingredient list you’ll find on the backside of their medicated sparkling beverages. Unlike many competitors on the infused drink market, you won’t find any artificial sweeteners in Keef drinks, which makes their expertly tuned flavor profile even more impressive. The version of the zero-calorie, zero-sugar Keef Sparkling beverage I tested was infused with 10mg of CO2 extracted Hybrid cannabis, and is also available in a Blood Orange variety.

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