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McDonald’s Billboard and Our Marijuana Reality


Recreational marijuana use may still be illegal in New Mexico but that hasn’t stopped one clever McDonald’s franchise from strategically placing an intriguing billboard near the Colorado / New Mexico border.

Pandering to the soon-to-be famished road warriors headed for the Colorado state line and the legal weed that awaits them, a chronic tweet of a creative billboard near Raton, N.M. lit up social media over the weekend.

“Usually when you roll something this good, it’s illegal!”

Referencing Colorado’s legal marijuana market, the bold billboard left more than a few weary travelers wondering whether it was a political statement or just clever marketing.

Either way, according to KRQE, the dope billboard “has people laughing and many saying its placement is key.”

The billboard jokingly emphasizes the costly dividing line between the dark days of marijuana prohibition and America’s new reality – legal marijuana.


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  1. Of course they did: In a statement obtained by Fox News, McDonald’s says the franchise’s billboard “does not meet our standards and is being taken down.” A representative for McDonald’s did not specify when the billboard will be removed from the interstate.

  2. Special Ed Nugget Machine on

    This might seem weird, and yes that sign is weird, but I have predicted for a long time McDonald’s would improve. Remember the old nuggets? You’d buy a 6-piece and two of the nuggets, or 3, would be the “weird” ones. Well, I’m so happy to say nuggets are now consistent across the board. Does future McDonald’s discontinue low-grade meats and introduce more sustainable meals? I have always thought so — they’ll have to in order to stay in business.

  3. Chipotle used this on shirts about 20 years ago when they first opened. I lived in Colorado then (and weed was definitely not legal at that time). After they started growing as a company they stopped making the shirts. McDonalds actually became an investor around that time. ( McDonald’s fully divested in 2006 ) .

  4. Tijuana did this first like 15 years ago, I still have my shirt that says, “Let us roll you up a fat one” and it a guy holding a big burrito.

  5. Leo "Skip" Dearing on

    No matter where it came from or who first used it, it is hilarious. When a sign like that gets put up and stays up, for even a little while, go’s to show you how far this country has come. Not quite there yet, still some Neolithic throw backs here and there, ( Christy-Sessions), but progress is being made everywhere. And about that billboard I say, “Promote That Guy!”


    I have been smoking weed for 33 years and it helps with my chronic pain and anxiety. I agree with “Skip” I say promote that guy. COME ON AMERICA! LETS GET OUT OF DEBT AND JUST LEGALIZE IT AND MAKE THIS COUNTRY SOME MONEY. COLORADO IS NOW DEBT FREE AND CALI IS RIGHT BEHIND THEM. WELCOME TO THE “FREEDOM” STATES.

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