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NV Gov. Signs Bills Allowing Tribal Negotiations and Hemp Cultivation


On Friday, Gov. Sandoval signed Senate Bill 375 and Senate Bill 396, allowing Nevada’s Native American tribal government to directly negotiate with the state over the use and sale of medicinal cannabis on tribal lands, and expanding the state’s hemp cultivation program.

Tribal Cannabis

According to the Las Vegas Sun, several members of the Nevada Tribal Cannabis Alliance witnessed the Friday signing of S.B. 375. Comprised of “27 federally recognized tribes” across the Silver State, the new law will potentially improve the quality of life for approximately “40,000 Native Americans.”

Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun

Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun

Surrounded by representatives of the Nevada Tribal Cannabis Alliance, Nevada’s Gov. Sandoval told reporters, “The voters have spoken on marijuana.” Opting for inclusion and economic fairness, Gov. Sandoval concluded, “It’s important that the Native American people can participate in this and for the state to work with all of you.”

Paiute Chairwoman, Laurie Thom, thanked Gov. Sandoval and Sen. Segerblom for supporting “the tribes.” Thom noted, “this is key to the economic development of our tribes and also brings needed medicine to the reservation.”

Industrial Hemp

Also receiving the proverbial green light on Friday, Sandoval signed off on S.B. 396. The recently passed legislation creates an additional hemp program for Nevada’s farmers. Per the bill, S.B. 396 establishes rules and regulations authorizing the growth and handling of industrial hemp for the production of cannabinoid-infused products.

Fewer than two-dozen growers are currently authorized by the state to grow hemp. According to the report, “A department spokesman did not say how many additional hemp growers would be added under the new law.”

Gov. Sandoval’s signature on these two pieces of legislation elevates the total number of marijuana-related bills signed into law this session by the Republican governor to four.

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  1. Thank God it is coming to an apothecary near you! Vote Hemp for CBD oil, textiles, paper and composites that are biodegradable and leave no carbon footprint! Good for Nevada and the tribal communities. I’m an industrial hemp artist using byproduct hemp dust and other sustainable plant powders to create hand sculpted bas-relief works of art on stretched wood framed canvas. I’m also a proud member of the California HIA and MMJ advocate and patient. Kudos to Nevada Governor signing both measures into law. California should follow your lead.

    Spirit House Art

  2. Gary Brungard on

    Damned glad to see the growth of this industry in NV. Hopefully, one day before I die, my state of Georgia will get it’s head out of it’s ass and legalize this medicine. Hope springs eternal.

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