Sessions Asks Congress to Roll Back Medical Marijuana Protections


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has penned a letter to Congressional leaders requesting the Department of Justice (DOJ) be financially unshackled – allowing the federal agency use their budget to obstruct, hinder, and prosecute individuals in states where medical marijuana is legal.

Better known as the Rohrabacher–Blumenauer amendment, Session’s May 1 letter to Congressional leaders requested federal lawmakers oppose the provision. And, breaking yet another campaign promise in which candidate Trump pledged “100%” support for states that have legalized medical marijuana, the Trump administration appears to be on board with turning up the legal heat on state-sanctioned medical marijuana businesses.

Sessions noted in the letter: “I believe it would be unwise for Congress to restrict the discretion of the department to find particular prosecutions, particularly in the midst of an historic drug epidemic and potentially long-term uptick in violent crime.”

The U.S. AG rationalized his archaic request to those in Congress by offering only hyperbolic innuendo, and the occasional bad actor as fact. “Drug traffickers already cultivate and distribute marijuana inside the United States under the guise of state medical marijuana laws.”

Strongly disagreeing with the AG’s philosophy, in 2016 “the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit interpreted this provision broadly to apply both to the Department actions that prevent states from implementing their laws regarding medical marijuana and to Department prosecutions of certain individuals and organizations that operate under those laws.” Concluding that, “the Department may not prosecute violations of the CSA with respect to marijuana unless the court concludes that the individuals or organizations are not in compliance with state medical marijuana law.”

Sessions, in an attempt to explain his infamous “good people don’t smoke marijuana” comment, noted, “My words have been grossly mischaracterized and taken out of context… I was discussing the value of treating people for using dangerous and illegal drugs like marijuana, and the context in which treatment is successful.”

No fan of the growing research that demonstrates marijuana’s medicinal efficacy, Sessions cited the Department of Health and Human Services and the DEA in demonizing the medicinal herb, adding, “Marijuana has a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.”

First reported by Tom Angell on Monday, this leaked letter to Congressional leaders quickly went viral.

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Born in Long Beach, raised on the central coast: I surf, dab, burn, and blog – though not necessarily in that order. I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong consumer of connoisseur grade weed. I don't drink alcohol or consume any other "drugs." I consider myself to be living proof that weed is not a gateway drug. If it were, I'd be in some serious trouble. Instead, as a 50-year-old ex-realtor that has been smoking weed for nearly 80% of my life (just did the math) ... I can only say, marijuana is safer than prescription pills or alcohol could ever hope to be for calming what stirs the savage beast.


  1. Wow! This guy needs to go. This is a perfect example of someone who is so archaic that they need to step aside and let some open minded, young person to man the A G ship. Sorry Mr Sessions, you fail in your assumption marijuana has no medical use, we’ve proven it does. This sounds like a man that has big Pharma lining his pockets. Don’t let our government fool you, they never had our best interest at hand. Don’t be a sheeple, do your own research.

    • AG Sessions is enforcing the laws that are on the books. The laws that everyone thinks are good for us along with the ones that we don’t. What is needed is electing congressmen that will change those laws that we are speaking of. Then and only then will the Department of Justice back off for good. Enforcing the law is what they do, and we NEED law and order.
      Another thing they could change is the DEA (like dissolve the whole “dad-gum” department). Have you any idea how much money they go through? I take a more Libertarian view of government, getting their hands out of our legal business. Let the market determine the price and availability, then tax it. We should be able to grow it, possess, or buy it just like they do tobacco, and that goes for poppy, prostitution and pharmaceuticals, taxed and freely in the market, available to all adults with or without prescription, with the price set by supply and demand. As it is now, all the DEA and the unwise laws have made many thugs and bad people very wealthy, just like Prohibition on Alcohol did in the last century (look at the vast wealth Joe Kennedy amassed off of booze).
      So to close, do not blame any of the executive branch of our great government. It’s the ignorance of our populace and their election of our legislature, city, state and federal, to blame.

      • Look up how much the “for profit” prisons have made from marijuana prohibition. It’s not about a “dangerous drug”. It’s about the MONEY! There’s a lot to be made on his side keeping weed illegal.

      • Umm… First 2 paragraphs clearly state he is trying to get the amendment repealed, ei change the law, not enforce it. Thugs and bad people? It’s this kind of of childish naive thinking that will keep the biggest criminals in this country out of jail and in power. Wake up and u will realize that most people in politics, law enforcement, and the “judicial” system are far bigger criminals than your “thugs” with less morals and no concern for other lesser people. One of the most dangerous and destructive things aperson can possess in a unfillable lust for power and control

    • Yes Sessions NEEDS to go. How can we get rid of him??? Let’s do it. Whatever we need to do. It’s time to get younger folks into our government. These old folks have NO CLUE. Marijuana DOES have medicinal benefits and it’s been proved over and over again. Come on We The People… we MUST change our government ASAP. Even if it is one at a time these old folks gotta GO.

      • The LAWS need to be reversed. Sessions is just doing his job enforcing the law. Do you want them to turn their backs on other crimes? Like rape or murder?

        Change the laws and have them enforced.

        • Brian F Nickel on

          Read the article, the guy wants to go into states where its legal and arrest people who are disabled, sick, and suffering. This is a stone that is obviously still getting kicked around the white house to where Big Government wants to take over State voted regulations and wants too use taxpayer money to do it. You do not belong in this Cabinet Ms Sessions, get outta the way…please

        • Jeff Sessions is not respecting the power of congress to control spending! All while ignoring the overwhelming evidence both anecdotal and science based of the beneficial effects of cannabis. Keebler Elf Sessions is all for states rights when it comes to his great great grand pappy’s right to own people, When it comes to people making a safer choice than alcohol he says no. And since he can’t own people along with the pillow case wearing klan he advocates for tougher and tougher laws to incarcerate that same group of people. Based on the obvious benefits displayed in epileptic and PTSD patients the legal principle of “quod est necessarium est licitum” should apply. Further showing both your ignorance and Jeff Sessions racist agenda!

          • “Further showing both your ignorance…”
            I will take issue with Eric. The “Takes One to Know One” cliche fits here because Eric was paying too much attention to his buddy picking his nose and didn’t pay attention when he read the Constitution way back in school. Article 6 Section 2 is the Supremacy Clause of OUR Constitution. Read it Eric. Then you may be able to see what is the Law and what is not. AG Sessions is doing what he took an oath for.
            The problem, for us, is “‘The Controlled Substances Act (CSA).’ It is the statute establishing federal U.S. drug policy under which the manufacture, importation, possession, use and distribution of certain substances is regulated. It was passed by the 91st United States Congress as Title II of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 and signed into law by President Richard Nixon.[1] The Act also served as the national implementing legislation for the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.” ( Look it up for yourself. I believe this should be the ultimate solution.
            So now ask yourself, what needs to be changed to let you consume marijuana? Is it a change in the law or a change in enforcement?
            Now if it’s a change in the law, do you repeal the entire act, because this will make it up to the States to regulate and enforce, but that will open up all of those “terrible” drugs, like cocaine or PCP? If you leave it to enforcement to decide, then you have to ask yourself what laws are okay to enforce and what laws to ignore, instead of just enforcing everything like they are supposed to. This would totally open the door to corruption of our police.
            Our actions need to be directed toward the effort of changing the law. All that takes is to elect the proper representation that have the “guts” to to stand for science. So Eric, tell me, who is the ignorant one?

        • until the controlled substance act , the constitution states
          its a matter of state ,,the states are doing there job,, why is the controlled substance act more binding than the constitution?

          • Congress just voted down reclassification of marijuana , again. That seems like the simplest, and correct solution ,based on scientific fact . It’s hard for me to believe there’s not an agenda based on outdated beliefs.

        • They already turn there backs on those crimessages get real. Like someone else posted this is a money issue,period. I agree we need to vote on federal level not let vote on it we the people need to vote just like we did on state level .so they can’t just do their jobs when it profitstarts them.

        • So your equating medicinal Cannabis use with rape & murder? Always gotta be 1 in the crowd that goes off on some hysteria. I have no problem with Sessions saying its fed. illegal & needs to be changed but thats not all he is doing. He is spouting medical opinions about a substance & i wonder how he came to those conclusions. How many “bad” ppl such as Cannabis using quadriplegics, Epileptic, Cancer, M.S. or wracked with arthritis patients has he interviewed? How many people who were forced to Cannabis because of severe reactions to garbage medications such as Lyrica, Tramadol, Cymbalta, etc… has he interviewed? He prob. got his opinion from a buddy whos teenage son wouldnt get his ass out of the basement & blamed MJ. Who is Sessions to spout opinions on the effectiveness of any substance? Is he an M.D.? A D.O.? Even a CNA? No, this clown dosent have the medical experience of a gnat that hangs out on the banana tray in a nursing homes kitchen. Does he have a plan of care for the children who have found effective relief using Cannabis oil to transition them off the med that works & back onto meds that didnt work? I think Dr. Sessions should give out his personal ph. number so that when “bad” ppl switch from Cannabis back to opiates we can call him after we’ve woken at 3:30 in the night from opiate induced night terrors & he can come tell us a bedtime story about how he saved us from that big, bad wicked plant & turned us all in to “good” ppl.

        • Danté Edwards on

          Lmfao. You cannot viably compare medical marijuana, with rape and murder. By your train of thought, ALL laws (regardless how idiotic or obsolete)should be enforced.
          “It is illegal for a woman to drive a car up Main Street unless her husband is walking in front of the car waving a red flag.”
          United States, Virginia, Waynesboro
          I see many arrests in our nation’s future. Lol

      • What’s this “old folks” stereotype you’re spinning, I’m 60 and smoke weed every day and consider Jeff Sessions to be an incredible moron. Expand your understanding of things kid and lay off the trite and simpleminded conjecture.

    • Haha
      It’s not about the purported reason, why even care about what he says? Only care about what he’s trying to do. Criminalizing people is a win win for a corrupt corporate shill and racist like Sessions. Keep a common innocuous drug illegal and then come down hard on minorities and people who don’t vote the way you want, while going easy on your base. When a white kid gets caught with weed, if anything, they give him a ride home. I think we all know what happens if a black kid gets caught. Not to mention, the white kid doesn’t even get caught in the first place because he’s not stopped and frisked continuously. The other win for Trump and Sessions is sucking on the corporations that fear M-Jane like big Pharma and others, or filling up the private prisons. In this new era of Trump, don’t listen to what they say, look at what they’re doing. While you’re at it search “Kali Yuga” if you want to know the times we’re living in.
      Don’t listen to what they say, judge everything by their greed and projected self loathing and their desire to bring destruction upon the world.

      • It will be very hard to change this as these people are very comfortable w/ the money they get from the “War on Drugs” and “Big Pharma” contributions !!! I don’t know how we will pry their dirty little hands from this bad policie(s) ?

      • Blacks tend to get arrested more because they sell on the street corner, whites dealers only sell to friends. I’m a liberal myself but refuse to buy into these bizarre libtard conspiracy theories. And Sessions isn’t sucking up to major corporations, he’s just simply a pinhead.

      • Just noticed type o’so my bad hopefully yell get gist of it.speaking as white adult who was a white who has been sto]ed searched n spent as much time behind bars as any minority white people really profiled to don’t get that fckn up its a have not have not issue not race

    • Sessions didn’t resign when Trump was continually berating him. Why? Because the AG sees it as his duty to bring down legalized, and illegal, cannabis businesses/dealers, growers, patients/users to feed the private prison industry, as well as state and federal prisons.

      Nixon was bad on cannabis, Reagan was worse on cannabis than Nixon. It’s looking more and more that Trump will be far worse on this issue than even those two were. What do those three have in common, other than their total distain for cannabis and its users? Republican!

  2. I don’t understand how the attorney general of our FREE country can be so ignorant about an herb made for us by our creator to help us in so many ways. It is God’s creation not the devil weed Sessions contends. Industrial hemp can help change and improve so many things. Paper, building material, fuel, the list is long in good and doesn’t hurt the environment like fossil fuels etc. It is time to declassify not waste more time, money, and lives. It is a helping plant and this AG needs to be educated not stupid.

  3. Michelle Marcak on

    I have an anxiety disorder and ptsd marijuana has helped me tremendously with both of these things. All it does is help me sleep and stay clam. No other drug does this. Marijuana isn’t a drug at all!
    It’s a natural resource a plant meant for us to consume
    The only thing dangerous about it is how it leads to munchies
    It’s helped so many people feel better from cancer patients to people with seizures etc
    This plant is a life saver!
    Rather than spend your time being the only idiot proposing a war on weed maybe look at cocaine and heroine
    Those are the drugs that kill

    • I’m with you, I’ve suffered from chronic pain from a car accident for over 20 years. Drs had me strung out on opiods the entire time, until I decided my health was more important. I’ve given up the opiods and use marijuana to control my pain. It works as well or better and I don’t have to worry about tolerance and dose increases or med changes anymore. I am much happier and healthier, MJ saved my life!

    • My MS spasms and nerve pain are relieved by cannabis. My visual migraines that start with visual disturbances first before the crashing pain begins, are less intense and far less painful if I ingest during the visual disturbance phase first (the minute I realize a migraine is coming). Cannabis relieves my anxiety very quickly rather than needing to take an addictive med like zanax… Now if I could afford to use only the CBDs for pain during the day and not have to be high until I feel like it, I’d be a happy camper. But the prices remain too high for proper treatment and when you’ve got a disease that leaves you disabled, it’s extremely difficult to afford. Opioids when prescribed are dirt cheap. See the hypocrisy? This new legal industry is still behaving as badly as the pharmaceutical companies when it comes to affordability… and this MUST CHANGE!!!

  4. ????The last struggles of unawakened are futile as the beautiful herb is being accepted nationwide and THE PEOPLE learn of its great benifits.

  5. You can’t fix stupid. No more words needed speaking from a person with cancer and how it’s helped me tremendously with pain and appetite! SOooooooo many people are being helped and it’s been proved it helps with seizures and more. Do your research just a bit better Mr Sessions.

    • Wishing you the very best… I know of one person who benefited from having her tumors shrink with that special oil… so cost prohibitive though, she had to do crowd-funding… This is a big problem for those of us who really benefit medically…

  6. This is an attempt to keep marijuana prices high. I live in a legal state with state mandated weed stores. Nobody really cares about it anymore here except those making a profit from it, including the state and federal governments taxes….yes the feds get a small cut. I have watched the price of a gram of weed go from $30 to $5 in state stores in the last 2 years, the price of oil went from near $100 a gram to $18 a gram and even cheaper in some state sanctioned states. The only reason this so called opposition to marijuana exists is to bolster prices! there is absolutely no other reason to demonize something that is so beneficial for those who chose to use it for what ever personal reason they do. The stores are a fail and those who invested in this money grab know this! regardless of legality most people want to know what’s in their weed so they grow their own! leaving little room for those who want to get rich off of it. only dummies spend money on marijuana!

    • First, you do no one any favors by being condescending. Second, not all sick people live in homes with yards or can afford an indoor growing system. Makes for high electricity bills. And not everyone knows how to differentiate between indica and sativa when it comes to planting seeds. Third, I’m in a legal state as well, and none of the city-legal dispensaries charge lower prices like you’re referring to. Nope… an 1/8th is anywhere from $15 for crap to $60, sometimes even more. 1/2 gram vape cartridges around $30+ depending on what you’re getting. Yes, many of us feel angry about this, but we’re not dummies! I understand that in WA state, there have been some who will discount heavily for the ill, but that’s not happening in the city I’m in, in CA. In CA it will be legal recreationally next year and that’s when us patients may have to continue spending recreational prices regardless. We have a lot to change here. Bet the last thing any patient needs is to hear some cocky kid with much better access laughing at those who don’t. Some have cancer and could die without it – no teasing or laughing matter.

  7. Sessions and the others that think like him are stuck in the era of “Reefer Madness”. Their arguments are baseless and devoid of any real science. That or they are all in the pocket of Big Pharma, either way it is the patient that suffers.

  8. I wish he would use those odd looking ears to fly away. Then again that is what republicans do, use their power to shit on the lower class.

  9. All this, after RS Mueller 3 burned the FBI surveillance on Atta, so 911 happened, Mueller evaded review, the 2003 Kerry subcommittee with Feinie and Boxer and all exonerated GWB43 during bold sedition, Mueller is BACK, and all the punks are deflecting they are letting Co.Santa Clara mimic RS Mueller 3’s court of fraud, CR98-0087, when he and US Park Police in collusion with Fed.Pub.Defender fabbed two sets of evidence including trial exhibits, illegally continued, issued vindictive informations, and then did a magistrate trial in bad faith, NOW TO INCITE ONGOING ISLAMIC STATE ATTACKS, over all this!

    Heck, or they don’t keep straddling D61 Manley hearings, eh? EH? Check 12/15/16, 1/19/17, 3/23/17, 4/27/17 and episodes at Main Jail, SCCo.Sheriff, etc.

    SO NOW, WITH MUELLER 3 ALL OVER THE PLACE SINCE HIS SEDITION ENABLED ATTA TO GET ON PLANES AND CRASH, Jeff Sessions is this Gumpster, from Alabama, who wants to deflect from all this sedition and obstruction and COLLUSION, with Democrats that got us into the Hemp Stamp Tax Act, all the way, to phony war after phony war.

    Except when those cruise missiles roll out and fly, there’s war, JEFF.

    See how 2016 Minneapolis stabber Dahir Aden resembles a DA/SCCo.Jeff Rosen media picture?

    He also looks like a punk rapper, named Derrick Abdullah. I.S. knows all, sees all, remembers all.

    Allahu Akhbar.

    One term and done, JEFF.

  10. Somebody named JEFF needs to burn one and try to THINK.

    Or you get all excited and out of order, JEFF.

    Just saying. Get urself a scrip and fire it up, or stay stupider than Gump!

    • Bravo! Well put. I can hardly believe we have people like this in places of power. Isn’t he referring back to the Nixon era? Isn’t that when “Reefer Madness” took off? After all, Nixon was a very enlightened being and one to emulate, right? jk

  11. Big Pharma is slapping around Jeff Sessions behind closed doors to further their agenda in the take down of Mary Jane.

  12. All likely more fake news
    see full interview at

    “NS: What will the impact on the industry be if it is undone? How fearful should state-legal cannabis cultivation businesses and dispensaries be if this happens?

    SF: I do not believe that the elimination of the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, on its own, is reason to be fearful. For perspective, the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment only applies to state medical marijuana laws. That means that it does not apply to adult-use markets in states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. Yet the Department of Justice has, to this point, still demonstrated respect for those state laws. So, while we will see how the Department of Justice policy evolves in the coming months, it is possible to have noninterference without the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment in place.”

  13. Landon Jordan on

    Trump made a “HUGE” mistake by hiring Jeff sessions, he is an absolute idiot. By Trump backing session position on MJ, he has no hopes of being re-elected in 2020. I think the American people should petition to have session removed from his position due to his inability to delineate that difference on MJ benefits versus the US epidemic, i.e., Cocaine, Opiates and Heroine.

  14. Jeff Sessions, you brainless swamp donkey…..if drug trafficking is a problem in the U.S., then go after drug traffickers, not medicinal marijuana dispensaries. How fugging ignorant ARE you? You claim marijuana has no medicinal value, but did you say that with a straight face? Ask epilepsy patients if it helps, fool.

    “Marijuana has a high potential for abuse,” bleats Sessions, as he quotes the DEA. Hey hillbilly, do you seriously want to close down tax-generating dispensaries so that the American public will go back to purchasing weed from foreign drug cartels? Your job is to weaken cartels and protect the American public.
    Even a half-wit can see your stance is counter-intuitive. Wake up, the world is mocking you.

  15. Mr. Session. It is report that your family is envolved in the illegal cocain drug trade/transportation. It is reported that 90 pounds of cocine were found aboard a ship owned by your inlaws, the Foremost. It is also reportd that you have received millions of dollars from your inlaws, The ship’s owner. Please explain why we should not believe that the money given to you by your wife’s family is not drug money.

  16. I think sessions is in a big cock fight qith himself he has NO clue what hw is talking about i broke my back in Marine Corps 24 yrs ago and all the federal gov did was shove pills down my throat. Ive been smoking for 41 yrs except in marine corps but on other hand i never did pills before that so didnt know how bad they screw your body up i said screw back in 93 and started smoking weed again i went from taking 440 mg of morphine sulfate to doing one every once in while i would rather kick back take 2 – 3 hits and back out in garden doing pills had me that dopey lost 35 lb in 4 months kept needing more finally i said im done i told va take me off pills for 5 yrs 2 months and finally off them n as far as alchohol i have 3 duis since i was 20 so 33 yrs but never lost a wife, a job, a home, over a joint as i said before i can take 2-3 hits and pain is gone that never happened with pills so maybe get outta ur lily white world n talk to real ppl

  17. The medical marijuana industry reaped what they sowed. The medical marijuana industry is filled with Hillary haters. I saw various “Fuck Hillary” strains of weed. I warned so many people before the election that Trump would be a nightmare. But no, their hatred for Hillary triumphed. I have ZERO sympathy for the medical marijuana industry!

  18. I hope all americans can gather together , as one stand at white house lawn early years let’s Mr. Presdent Trump . We knowledge of a new liar of presedent Mr. Trump should be pushing over for his word with legalization for medical or for american PEOPLE. Everywhere evry state recreational marijuana.

  19. This guy is just one of those politicians that is full of everything, but the right thing. I guarantee you he has his hands in some type of drug trade or trafficking going on in this country that is under wraps..he needs to just sit his old ass down and get him some business. This can’t be stopped and it won’t be.

  20. No one has ever overdosed and died from weed. Have Sessions take a bunch of aspirin…it will be the last headache has and this country ever have! He is spouting information he knows nothing about. Big Pharmacy kills more Americans every year than pot ever could. Besides, the US needs money and we are giving away 3 Billion to cartels every year. That is the problem Mr. Sessions. Why don’t you do your job instead of shifting blame.

  21. Yankee in the south! on

    Wow, something I have not noticed before! Everyone who admittedly uses Cannabis has far better spelling and grammar skills than some teachers I know on Facebook!
    It’s unbelievable at the number of people who smoke Cannabis on a daily basis are so incredibly polite, nice, and friendly than those who don’t. They are quick to say “have a great day everyone” than people who don’t. They seem to attack people for the least of things! (Kind of like Sessions attacking “good people” when he doesn’t even know them!)

    If the Government really wanted a better America, and creative people out there inventing jobs and happily going to jobs they don’t like, this whole country would turn into a great place to live, and work, and we would flourish and excel above all other countries so much.
    We would have people who prefer to grow their own, growing fantastic gardens. As someone pointed out, munchies were their only downfall. If they grew gardens, they would be growing healthy foods for those munchies! I know juicy fruits cover both of those territories!
    Quenching the thirst eating healthy!
    Really the most harmful thing about Cannabis is GETTING CAUGHT with it! That is sad!
    I smoked for 40 years until I moved to the south and now the only reason I don’t smoke is because everyone is afraid to sell it to a person they don’t know. So I basically, have no friends and it’s very depressing!
    Much love to all, take care and cure your munchies with mouth watering fruits! :)==~

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