The Most Popular Marijuana Strains of May


Taking a serious fall during May, the ever-popular Gorilla Glue fell 9 spots on our monthly “Top 25 Most Popular Marijuana Strains” list. With an average listed price per 1/8 of $41.00, Gorilla Glue slid to the 15th spot last month.

Also experiencing a sudden decrease in popularity, OG Kush failed to attract the eyeballs of online shoppers. Falling 10 spots to the 19th position, OG Kush had an average sales price of $37 per 1/8th — a $2 increase from April.

Signs of a maturing national market beginning to experience less fragmentation, the top seven spots remained unchanged from April to May: Blue Dream ($36 per 1/8th), Gorilla Glue #4 ($41 per 1/8th), Girl Scout Cookies ($41 per 1/8th), Sour Diesel ($38 per 1/8th), Green Crack ($39 per 1/8th), Bubba Kush ($37.00 per 1/8th), and Sunset Sherbert ($41 per 1/8th) were the seven most searched strains last month.

most popular marijuana strains in north america

The average price of a Top 25 Strain in May increased by eight cents compared to April.

While we continue to see a growing number of state-crossing strains as the overall market matures, such as this month’s top seven, much of North America’s cannabis product offerings remain unique to their geographical markets.

With so much strain variation across North America, we’re curious to hear which strains are in high demand where you reside. Let us know in the comment section which strain positions surprised you or if your favorite was left off the list completely.

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