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Dabbing has come a long way since the dark ages  — circa 2011 — when hash often looked more like horse manure than hash. Now, hash looks a lot like a jewelry store. With the advent of more polished, modern hash, has come a myriad of matching hash accouterments. From terpene juice to THC crystals, live resin to full melt, the array of hash options for cannabis connoisseurs is endless. But you can’t dab the best hash on planet earth without the proper accessories. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hash like a true dab connoisseur:

Step 1: Lose the Hat Pins

Those were so 2012. Jokes aside, if you want to rep a pin or two on your hat, that’s totally cool. It’s when your hat becomes more pin than hat that you develop a serious problem.

Step 2: Use Q-Tips

The most crucial element in any dabber’s arsenal? What is the Q-Tip for 500! Yes, a sliver of cotton has become the most essential part of any serious cannabis consumer’s wardrobe. Whether you call it a “Glob Mop” or a Q-Tip, the function is really quite simple: erase unwanted residue and reclaim from a nail. A clean nail allows you to clearly taste and savor every cannabis-derived terpene present in your dab.

Step 3. Get a Baller Dabber


A simple glass or titanium dabber is fine — but it won’t turn any heads. What will turn heads is one of these special edition vintage honey dabbers from the Joe P via 710 Labs. From dabbers shaped like pencils to Samurai swords and golf clubs, the possibilities are truly endless:

All white gold set even the chains. Over 2.2 oz of gold and 2.5 cts of black diamonds #skywalkerwraps #daburai #gold #swords

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Step 4. Order an Original Rig

If you can afford to be a gentleman, you can afford to splurge on a rig fit for a space-aged dab pad. The Mothership is the obvious, almost necessary rig for any serious concentrate consumer’s glass collection. While a standard Mothership is always a blessing (and more affordable), custom Motherships will set you apart. Another chic option is the “Faberge Egg” — just please do not buy one from China!

From Kevin Nail’s “Knail Driver” to Hitman’s Torch Tubes and Elbo’s dinosaurs, there’s a lot of unique pieces out there. But another neat option is contacting a glassblower and getting a truly unique, one-of-a-kind conversation-starter piece. My choice was a Shofar-shaped rig crafted by the man, Steve Bates — and it turns Shabbat Dinners into very holy experiences:

Custom order Shofar rig.

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Bonus: This rig that also functions as a wine glass from Bates is worthy of any collection:

Wine glass rig with turbine. Fs. #boro #wineglass

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Step 5: Invest in an E-Nail

Even if you’re not a fan of E-Nails (like me), you still need one — because a lot of people prefer that method of smoke. Having an E-Nail is like setting your dabbing experience on Cruise Control: dab, clean, rinse and repeat. An E-Nail allows dabbers to need not worry that the nail is too hot or too cold — your nail is always at a consistent temperature.

Step 6: Utilize the Quave Club Banger

The glass wunderkind Quave is well-known for his glass (see: Fab Eggs) but he might be more well-known for his Club Banger nails. People love the Club Banger’s — and copy them with frequency — because, well, they bang. The Club Banger really does result in the best tasting dab out there, as this glass design created by Quave has made Titanium almost obsolete.

Step 7. Maintain a Clean Station

“ancient melodies of the future” solo Terpsink with KrackleTech® #arigatogozaimasu #doitashimashite

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When we’re talking terpenes, cleanliness is next to globliness. High grade hash oil can be a messy endeavor and one that leaves sticky residue all over the place — especially if you dab station is unorganized. Fortunately, one of the nation’s premier functional glass artists, Pakoh, figured out a way to solve that problem. As you can see above, Pakoh’s cleaning station has a threefold purpose:

1) Beautiful art that enhances any setting.
2) A mug-like structure for clean Q-Tips to rest and prepare for that journey into the nail.
3) In lieu of a mug handle is a small container perfectly shaped to fit a dabber. A special “handle” section for a dabbing tool.

Step 8: Offer Guests the Best Hash in Town

Hash doesn’t just come in grams and half grams anymore. The sweetest and largest option is the 11.5-gram Billionaire Jar of Hardcore OG courtesy of the West Coast Cure. The Hardcore OG is (in this writer’s opinion) the best OG cut on planet earth and the best hash producing strain in existence. It just doesn’t get any better than this:

2017 has been the year of Full Spectrum extracts in the 710 community. For our Colorado readers, Harmony Extracts is one of the many notable companies flipping the game on its head. These 8-gram baller buckets combining terpenes and THC crystals are both a special treat and a sight to behold. Checking at $650 out the door (that’s 81.25 a gram), they’re actually a decent deal for this quality of hash:

10: Get the Temperature Right!

Most dabbers like to wait 30-60 seconds (dependent on nail and preference!) before applying hash to a nail. The “standard” is to use an iPhone timer to know when the time to dab is right. But it’s much easier just to flip this Terpene Timer upside down, wait for one side to migrate to the other, and dab away!

screen-shot-2017-07-10-at-11-29-59-amSet the controls for the heart of the rig. 710 is a cool number — but it’s not the right temperature for your nail. If your nail is above 650 degrees (I like mine at 600), you’re going to have a bad time. Hash is meant to be savored. If you can’t taste the terpenes and only taste the metallic flavor of the nail or overly burnt hash, you’re doing it all wrong. It may be cliche and it may not get you “ripped” but you gotta taste it to waste it.

11: Never Run Out of Rubbing Alcohol

ISO 91 Rubbing Alcohol

Every true dabber has a fresh bottle of rubbing alcohol on hand at all times. As noted earlier, cleanliness is next to globliness when it comes to dabbing. If you can’t spend a few bucks on a bottle of rubbing alcohol, you probably shouldn’t be dabbing.

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