25 Most Popular Marijuana Strains in June


Each month, Marijuana.com sorts through roughly eight million data points collected from Weedmaps-listed dispensaries and delivery services across North America to determine the industry’s most popular strains. Holding the top spot for the eighth consecutive month, Blue Dream saw an average price increase of $2 per eighth between May and June.

Jack Herer was the biggest mover in June, jumping 15 spots to the 11th position — the “Emperor of Hemp” himself would have turned 78 years old on July 19, which could explain the strain’s rise in popularity.

Gelato climbed to the 21st position in June. The last time we saw this Indica-leaning Hybrid was in March when customers were paying, on average $5 less per eighth.

The only other double-digit mover was OG Kush which climbed 11 spots. Average prices for OG Kush increased by $1 per eighth in June.

Overall, the average retail price of a “Top 25 Strain” in June was $39.00 per eighth, down 1.2% from May.

most popular cannabis strains june 2017

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  1. -Inhale the herbal aromas prior to consumption. Break up the bud, releasing volatile terpenes and INHALE deeply through your nose. Wait 5 minutes and you will maximize the benefits from that bud.
    -Eat a Mango 1 hour before consuming Cannabis. Mangos are high in Myrcene which increases the effects of THC. Especially if it’s a less potent strain, you should notice more of an effect for sure

    Lawrence Williams
    Mr Terpenes

  2. USMC vet MOS 0203 , Mr.Johnson on

    Blue Dream is ranked #1, that surprised the heck out of me. I always thought of blue dream as mediocre weed, the weed you buy, when you do not have a lot of cash. Nobody at any retail store would sell blue dream for over $40 because they know people will not buy it. Also, I tried a strain that I really like and it did not even make the list, Lavender OG. It has over 20% THC and I got introduced to it last year, when I was at a dispensary, in So Cal. I like it because it is still usually less than $50 an 8th and it is good quality, I have a very high tolerance so I need to smoke strong og indika. Hybrids or Sateva’s will not do anything for me so my rankings might be different. I suppose everyone has their own opinion but honestly I was shocked to see blue dream ranked #1. I tried it and i was not very impressed, like I said before mediocre weed at best but to each their own. When it comes to weed, there are no wrong answers.
    I also agree with Lawrence Williams: inhale the herbal aromas prior to consumption, break up the bud, releasing volatile terpens and inhale deeply through your nose. It is the equivalent of when you are drinking wine. You do not just down the wine, at least most people do not. You swish the wine in the glass, put your nose to it and sniff it, open up your senses and then consume the wine. Weed is the same thing you don’t just put a nice nug in a bong/pipe or put it in a grinder, and quickly roll it up, at least I do not. Part of the beauty of smoking weed is the ritual. I enjoy smoking with friends on a weekend, after a hard day of work, at the law office. The last thing I want to think of is contracts on my weekend so I need a bit of an escape. I also work in a very stressful and cut throat top law firm. In many cases, it is more stressful than combat because in combat, at least you know who your enemy is. At the law firm, your enemy can come at you with a smile. I like to catch a sports game: football, basketball futbol/soccer, mma, boxing, as long as it is a good game or fight. To me, nothing beats relaxing with old college friends, take a couple of fat bong rips and enjoy the game. I am really not much of a drinker, despite being of Germanic and Russian dissent so weed is perfect for me. Also, it really helped out with my PTSD, I no longer wake up, in a puddle of sweat. eed is the only thing that works for me so I do not smoke it to be cool, I smoke it so I can actually get a good nights rest.

  3. Dan Driscoll on

    I have come to the conclusion (in Canada, with Legislation for ‘Recreational Use’ pending) that the ‘addiction paranoia’ going down may best be neutralized by recognition that any substance can be either ‘used’ or ‘abused’. If alcohol or any substance is consumed as an ‘anodyne’ for pain physical or mental, there is danger of addiction; but it ‘received as God’s Gift’ and with recognition that ‘human consciousness itself is part of the evolutionary process’, the addiction does not happen. Bob Marley (the Rastafarians) hail cannabis ‘as a sacrament’. For this reason I counsel (in Canada) that ‘Cultural Centres’ with outreach to ‘spirituality & religion’ (and not taxed like commercial enterprises) should be given the licences for ‘recreational use’. The Medical People feel that they know it all already—so I will not presume to advise them.

  4. Jonathan Comsa on

    I smoke about 80-90% of that list hahahaha. But my #1 wouldn’t be blue dream it would be that kk. Khalifa Kush in a raw cone tip king size.

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