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Strain Overview

The Scoop: This Fire OG is a special, hand-chosen cut of an SFV OG Phenotype. A Sativa-forward OG Kush, Fire OG is a prime example of a strain we call a “Sativa,” despite maintaining the knockout punch we typically associate with an Indica. Fire OG, first popularized and cultivated by the skilled breeders at Raskal OG Genetics, is a celebrated OG in the Golden State.

The Result: Fire OG smacks of citrus-flavored terpenes and is infamous for causing a touch of anxiety in the uninitiated. More likely to leave one feeling relaxed, happy, and euphoric – this uplifting strain works well for quieting restless nights of insomnia and the occasional bout of depression.

The Verdict: A staple for dispensaries throughout the Southland, Fire OG is one of those rare “White Rhino” strains — constantly talked about by the 420-masses but rarely around long enough to be witnessed outside of a dispensary.


Fire OG terpene profile

Fire OG terpene profile

Strain Characteristics

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Also Known As: Fire OG

Genetics: SFV OG Phenotype

Origin: California

How Stoned Will You Get: 7

Average THC: 22%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Awards: N/A

Strain Profile

The Science: This sample of Fire OG, as tested by Analytical 360, hit an impressive 22.74% for total THC. High in Humulene (1.35%), β-caryophyllene (.36%), and α-Pinene (.34%), the synergistic interplay of Fire OG’s active compounds provides a valuable treatment for those plagued by a host of stress-related illnesses.

Fire OG Potency Profile

Fire OG Potency Profile

Appearance: Bright neon green nuggets that glisten with THC-laced trichomes, Fire OG will most definitely catch your eye. Fire OG’s buds have spiked calyxes that ooze her resinous compounds and are accentuated by her mandarin-colored pistils. Dense, round, and resembling the shape and size of a strawberry, Fire OG looks as good as it tastes.

Consistency: Fire OG has jagged buds that are awkward to break apart by hand due to their sticky, sponge-like composition. Like Velcro, these well-cured flowers are moist with resin and tend to cling to each other — turning 10 small nugs into what appears to be one huge cola.

Scent: With rich scents of skunk, fuel, and citrus, Fire OG stings your nostrils with its pungent bouquet. Fire OG’s scent is just incredible. You can vacuum seal this stuff and still smell it. This strain is not recommended for those trying to be discreet. When Mac Miller raps about being “LOUD,” he is no doubt referring to his music and a fat sack of that chronic, Fire OG

Taste: Fire OG tastes of a piney skunk mixed with lemon zest. Tasting as good as it smells, Fire OG remains on your taste buds and palate for hours after blazing.

Effect: Fire OG immediately hits you hard in the body and head, creating an overall warm euphoric feeling that lasts for hours. Fire OG is that bud you smoke when you have gotten all other responsibilities out of the way for the day and you are just chilling. This weed will give you extreme couchlock and a severe case of the munchies.

Strain Background: Created in SoCal and popularized by the legendary grower/breeder Raskal, Fire OG has a flowering time of approximately 60 to 70 days. Blessed with inspired genetics, the parental gene pool from which Fire OG’s originally spawned is pure Fuego. A cross between Raskal’s renowned cut of OG Kush and an F1 cut of San Fernando Valley OG Kush, the high from this powerful Sativa-dominant hybrid will leave you relaxed and inspired.

Medical Uses: After only a few tokes of some Fire OG, patients will notice an immediate increase in their overall appetite. In addition to helping those suffering from various forms of wasting syndrome “pack on the pounds,” Fire OG is known to reduce stress and depression.

Growth and Seed Info

Note: Be aware, Fire OG has several phenotypes

marijuana_fire_ogPros: Great for making Rosin

Cons: Hard to locate at dispensaries

Original Breeder: OG Raskal Genetics

Current Breeder: OG Raskal Genetics

Known Phenotypes: Indica & Sativa

Seed Bank of Choice: Sensible Seeds

Flowering Time: 60-70 days

Flowering Type: LST (Low-Stress Training)

Growth Height: Indoors: 3 to 4 ft.

Expected Yield: Moderate to low

Garden Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced

Family: Sativa

Related Strains: Tahoe OG, White Fire OG, and Alien Fire OG.

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