Founder of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute Supports Medical Marijuana


The founder of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), Jon Huntsman Sr. has announced that he is a robust advocate of medical marijuana.

Huntsman Sr. voiced his unambiguous support during a sit-down interview with Salt Lake City’s Fox 13 News. “I’m a very strong advocate for medical marijuana,” Huntsman explained. “I think some folks have it terribly confused with smoking marijuana.”

A founder and primary sponsor of the state-of-the-art cancer hospital at the University of Utah, Huntsman first started HCI in 1993 with a $10 million donation. Two years later, Huntsman bestowed another $100 million upon the Utah-based cancer institute.

A repeat survivor of cancer who is currently plagued with Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Huntsman explained that he can “take the pain” but he won’t “take the opioids.”

“It’s really severe pain, sometimes you just want to scream out at night because of joints not working and things just breaking down on you.”

Candid, honest, and ready to experiment, the senior Huntsman and the Utah Patient’s Coalition now have something in common – their support of real medical marijuana.

Historically resistant of whole plant medicinal cannabis, Utah passed limited medical marijuana legislation in 2014. A CBD oil-only state, the therapeutic oil is restricted to qualifying patients with severe forms of epilepsy. Because CBD extract is currently not available in Utah, patients seeking the therapeutic oil must run the legal gauntlet and purchase their meds in a different medical marijuana state.

While effectual legislation has thus far been restrained thanks to some political connections within the LDS church, Utah’s Republican Gov. Herbert has repeatedly voiced concerns the system would be circumvented by the unscrupulous.

Gov. Herbert explained during a 2016 monthly news conference, “I’m not interested in having Dr. Feelgood out there say, ‘Yeah, yeah, que pasa, you know, here’s your doobie for the day and you’ll feel better.’” Pushing back on Gov. Herbert’s misguided portrayal, the Utah Patients Coalition is currently working on obtaining the necessary signatures to qualify a new MMJ initiative for the 2018 ballot.

Per a June 26th poll, 73% of surveyed Utahns support a statewide ballot measure to “allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana as treatment for cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and other serious illnesses.”  In search of approximately 115,000 valid signatures from 26 of the 29 districts in Utah, the coalition has until April 15, 2018 to gather the required support.

Utah Medical Marijuana Poll

Utah Medical Marijuana Poll

When asked by the inquisitive reporter whether or not Mr. Huntsman had ever experimented with medical marijuana, the philanthropist answered that he had not. Asked if he would like to try it, the 80-year-old business tycoon replied simply, “Sure, I’d love to. I’ve had such severe pain at times and the opioids haven’t done the job.”

A major force in the Mormon Church, perhaps Huntsman’s support will make the difference in 2018.

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  1. Mary A. Tartaglia on

    I’m glad that he is Pro-MM but to PUBLICLY state that you’re glad that they failed, was not a smart thing to do. D.A.R.E. is a great program. If you feel this way, comment on it in private. You’re a public figure. Marijuana is natural. It grows in nature, and God created it.
    Your man-made drugs and alchol, also (man-made) are more harmful to humans. I’ve never heard of liver damage being a marijuana side effect. Alcohol, however, has documented proof that it is harmful to your liver. In fact, it is a cause for cyrosis of the liver.
    I have recently started on MM. I have chronic pain and have had it for 10+ years now and none of the legal drugs and therapies, ..etc…
    have worked. I asked my Primary Care Physician what they thought and replied, (Why not? You’ve tried everything else).
    It works! It really, truly, absolutely works. The minor pains are gone, and the major ones are down by 75%. Most of the 25% remaining , are extremely painful, but still have some relief of pain.
    I don’t smoke it. I use the THC capsules for pain and CBD capsules for inflammation, together.They also have vapor cartridges for use in vapor pens and sublingual forms of it. They even have sprays.
    New York is authorized for Medical Marijuana but has not passed for recreational use, yet.
    Mary T. NEW YORK.

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