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Jeff Sessions Praises Failed D.A.R.E. Program


The delusionary mindset of Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions is tragic.

On Tuesday, before a crowd at the 30th International Training Conference for D.A.R.E., A.G. Sessions offered his appreciation to the “Just say no” crowd. First uttered in 1982 by then First Lady Nancy Reagan, Sessions pandered to the drug war zealots from the onset.

“Thank you for that introduction, and more importantly, thank you for the important work that you do to help prevent the spread of drug addiction in this country. Your DARE team is ready to meet this next challenge. Just like you did in the 1980s and 90s.”

Formed to address what many believed was a CIA inspired crack epidemic of the early 1980s, Session praised the anti-drug crusaders.

“I believe that DARE was instrumental to our success by educating children on the dangers of drug use. I firmly believe that you have saved lives. And I want to say thank you for that. Whenever I ask adults around age 30 about prevention, they always mention the DARE program. Your efforts work. Lives and futures are saved.”

There’s just one problem with the AG’s assertion, he was dead wrong on the facts.

Far from effective, D.A.R.E. was an abject failure, at least, according to the feds. In 2003, the GAO (a.k.a. the U.S. Government Accountability Office) disclosed the program made absolutely no difference.

“The six long-term evaluations of the DARE elementary school curriculum that we reviewed found no significant differences in illicit drug use between students who received DARE in the fifth or sixth grade (the intervention group) and students who did not (the control group).”

And, when asked whether or not there was evidence supporting the AG’s assertion that D.A.R.E. was effectual at curbing drug use, a Session’s spokesperson declined to comment.


Impervious to the uncomfortable reality of the situation, Session continued his dystopian diatribe. “They say marijuana use can prevent addiction. They say the answer is only treatment. They say don’t talk about enforcement. To me, that just doesn’t make any sense. In fact, I would argue that one reason that we are in such a crisis right now is that we have subscribed to this mistaken idea that drug abuse is no big deal.”

It’s not that people view the opioid epidemic and drug abuse as “no big deal” – it is. It’s just that many see legalizing marijuana as part of the solution…not part of the problem.


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    • I hope it’s a 2 seater! I want to go, too! There’s no intelligent life in control on this planet and at this time!

    • The incompetence, ignorance and overt criminality of trump’s admin. knows no bounds, it seems…

      And Sessions needs his final trip to the vet!?!

    • Dozens of peer-reviewed studies conclude the D.A.R.E. program is ineffective at preventing kids from using drugs. They contend that D.A.R.E. causes kids to ignore legitimate information about the relative harms of drugs, and that D.A.R.E. is even associated with increased drug use.

  1. I hate wasting my time, reading articles by pseudo-journalists.
    The article writer should have taken a basic journalism course.
    In that course, he/she/it would have learned to ALWAYS spell out what the initials, on first presentation in the article, mean.

    The so called writer uses D.A.R.E. but doesn’t care to inform/remind us what it stands for.

    Why, writer, didn’t you care enough to make sure all were on the same page as to what D.A.R.E. means?

    You didn’t care…and that’s important. If you don’t care enough to do it right and well, you might as well be washing windows. Do it right, or don’t do it. Thanks.

    • You need to relax and have a toke, you are out of line and obviously pretty stupid not knowing what D.A.R.E. means! Get in your toilet and flush you moron!!

    • If you don’t know what D.A.R.E means, maybe you should use the big “stupid comment box” in front of you and Google it. Also, if this is the only thing you could find to complain about maybe you should also Google, “constructive and productive hobbies that don’t make me a bitch.”

    • Wow Dan, you having withdrawals or why all the anger? You sound like a millenial who has been babied all their life and had things provided for him so that he doesn’t have to search on his own. Wahh wahhh… Grow up! I don’t remember what it means, either, but I can tell from the excellent way in which the article was written that it was one of the failed drug programs of the 80s and 90s. It didn’t stop me from understanding and didn’t get my panties in a wad! The meaning of the word D.A.R.E. is unimportant as it is explained well enough. You want to know more, put the TV remote down and search for yourself. And by all means, get out of your parents house! It’s making you an angry and mindless douche bag!

    • Poor Dan. Having to read articles that only use acronyms. Must be hard to understand if you’ve been living in your parent’s basement for the past few decades.

      Please ask Mom to explain the terms tact, diplomacy and constructive criticism.

    • Stop crying! Most of us already know! Especially if you were born in the 80’s.

      Drugs Abuse Resistance Education

      You didn’t care enough to explain what it meant! Kick rocks crybaby

    • The point is- Everyone who reads Weedmaps articles knows what DARE means. Why be so critical in this social age of know nothings. Please.

    • If u r so out of touch w this world that u don’t know what dare stands for, and so stupid that even if you don’t know what it stands for, u can’t figure out to spend 10 seconds and Google it, then u have absolutely no right to be such an over crititcal asshole. At least the author spends their time writing to educate ppl about important relevant issues. Then there’s u….

    • Too High For You on

      Ok, everyone! Cut Danny boy some slack. He obviously just completed his journalism course, and is trying to show what he’s learned. Unfortunately, comprehension wasnt apart of that class. If it had been, stuff like “Far from effective, D.A.R.E. was an abject failure, at least, according to the feds. In 2003, the GAO (a.k.a. the U.S. Government Accountability Office) disclosed the program made absolutely no difference.” would have told him enough to know what it was. Danny Boy? Please cut a healthy fart, to loosen up that tight grip your butthole has on your head. For your sake, and Ours. Thank You 🙂

    • Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Does not work it introduces drugs into the conversation and it makes children wonder what they might be missing.

  2. Well-written article about our delusional AG.

    How do flush this turd? He looks like an old Terminator unit that needs to be mothballed.

    OMG he is taking us back to the Aslinger mentality. Pot has fewer side effects than almost ANY OTCor prescription RX. The guy’s an idiot.

    Please muzzle this dog. We have had enough prohibition. Time to take back $$$ we are giving to cartels. No doubt Sessions has his pocket being filled with cash from the cartels. Why else would he not want us to buy American!

  3. How about a class-action lawsuit against D.A.R.E. due to the opposite effect on youth. Stirring their curiosity is the culprit. The project obviously failed and leaves civilians with endangered lives of loved ones to deal with.

  4. This is all great, but you are doing the entire community a disservice by continuing to refer to this medicine as WEED! IT’S CALLED CANNABIS!! You keep playing into and supporting the old mentality that this is bad and WEED is part of that old stereotype and stigma. This is a breakthru medicine, not an unwanted plant (weed)! If you want to change opinion, you need to change from within. Thanks!

    • Excellent point…I’m old school and call it weed – and carry a Med Card – we need to continue to educate and change the mind set of those opposed…I whole heartedly agree with you – I will start to refer to it as Cannabis or Medical Marijuana – old habits can be broke…with time and thought before opening my mouth!

    • Yeah, I too, hate it being called weed, pot, marijuana or dope ─ it’s cannabis, the word that the common word “canvas(s)” is derived from…

  5. I find it funny to continue to read these lame articles on the internet. As a child I was raised to believe I was free to succeed or fail. Free to live or die. After 45 years of living in this world, I know this is a deception now. I came in to it under laws & rules I had no part in creating. Yet everyone wants to make more laws to control the man to the right & the left. Make your own rules for yourself & live it. Don’t attempt to put them on me though or I’ll fight for my freedom to, live my life, not yours. You all are hypocrites creating a greater hypocrisey full of control freaks.


    I agree with Chandler and the author.
    “Just say no” was laughed at in the eighties, just as it is now.
    Educate our children on the scientific dangers of all drugs and medications. An honest education.

  7. When I see headlines in the news and Sessions name pops up, I LISTEN (thank you Weedmaps). This old prick is out to doom us all. It’s really scary that this new “McCarthyish” (i.e. Joseph) Administration (led by DJT) is hell bent on rolling back the clock, but it is all true. Let’s enjoy what we have now because this little guy is going to do a lot of damage to our lifestyle in the coming years. Watch out!!

  8. Drug Abuse Resistance Education- D.A.R.E. Hey this says nothing about drug use, only drug abuse. If you can learn to use drugs (e.g. THC if you will) and then use DARE to learn to resist abusing drugs, then you are on your way to using drugs in a humanistic,, perhaps lawful manner.

  9. GordonFreeman on

    As much as I dislike his view, Sessions IS just doing his job, enforcing law. The problem is that the LAW on Cannabis is wrong and the ONLY ones that can change the law is Congress. Further, we’d all like to see Cannabis completely removed from the Drug Schedule just like alcohol and THAT is an uphill battle that probably won’t be won. Going to Schedule II means all kinds of government restrictions, FDA approvals, laws on growing, quality, mold, potency, consistency, dosage, packaging, Physicians roles, etc. It would be decades for each Federal agency to sort it all out. I’d rather just see a reliable – foolproof – method to defeat a THC Metabolite drug test and just use it illegally and not lose my job than wait for any Schedule reduction. We have to get Congress to remove it from the Schedule AND we need to be able to use it on our own time and not lose our jobs over using Cannabis.

    • Legalized cannabis has produced over 250,000 jobs in this country a lot more than Trump has in his imagination.

  10. DeepFriedTofu on

    “Just say no,” was countered by Nike’s “Just do it.”

    It sounds better, too. Probably because a marketing firm or department came up with it after actually being in contact with the demographic it was trying to see positive gain from.

    Nancy Reagan was an out of touch old white lady who probably wore white gloves to tea. She came up with a slogan that was supposed to reach out to the inner city, where these drug problems were the most rampant. For some reason, this bureaucratic cluster fuck organization couldn’t connect with it’s core audience. For some reason, there was no gain.

    I mean, if what their objective here really was, wasn’t to create some new administration to hire a bunch of cronies to figure out, and it was actually to do some “good,” they should have hired a fucking marketing firm. They actually do research. Or, you know, done some research.

  11. Abe Lincoln said that the best way to repeal an unjust law is to enforce it, strictly. Makes about as much sense as any.

  12. Dozens of peer-reviewed studies conclude the D.A.R.E. program is ineffective at preventing kids from using drugs. They contend that D.A.R.E. causes kids to ignore legitimate information about the relative harms of drugs, and that D.A.R.E. is even associated with increased drug use.

  13. No big surprize! Sessions is “old school,” which is to say, 180 degrees backwards. He believes in the “prohibition without justification” model. Like all prohibitionists, he prefers not to read the facts too carefully. He still belives everything “Reefer Madness” taught him!

    In other words, it’s back to 1938. Sessions is a very dim bulb, who hasn’t learned a thing.

    Why is it drug czars are always so stupid?

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