Los Angeles City Council Concentrates on Banning the Production of Extracts


The president of the Los Angeles City Council has proposed banning the production of cannabis extracts within city limits.

Despite California’s law explicitly permitting licensure for the production of marijuana extracts, LA’s marijuana community has been more than a little paranoid as of recent. And apparently for good reason. A new proposal out of Los Angeles City Hall could outlaw the manufacturing of marijuana concentrates – i.e. dabs, shatter, wax and oil – within LA’s city limits.

Perfectly legal the Golden State, marijuana concentrates were singled out for retribution by City Council President Herb Wasson. “Rolled out” by Wasson last month to help facilitate the introduction of Measure M, the controversial proposal is one of the many sticking points facing City Hall as they work to implement full-blown legalization.

Passed in March, Measure M provided city officials the legal right to sanction the licensing of LA’s legal marijuana shops, the production of edibles, and the legal cultivation of marijuana within the city limits.

A report by LA Weekly underscores the fiscal madness of restricting the production marijuana concentrates in the city of Los Angeles.

“Los Angeles’ ban on volatile cannabis manufacturing – the predominant form of creating popular marijuana concentrates such as dabs, wax, and THC oils – could rob the city of taxes and push lucrative weed businesses outside L.A. boundaries.”

Potentially shattering the city’s projected revenue stream from the new legal marijuana market, LA Weekly pointed out, “concentrates, often used with portable vaporizers and more potent the traditional ‘flowers,’ compose as much as 60% of the medical marijuana market in Southern California.”

Still up in the air, the out right ban of cannabis extracts in the City of Angels is far from a done deal. On the side of the extract artist, LA Weekly is reporting that the Southern California Coalition is vigorously “lobbying the counsel for legalized volatile manufacturing.”

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  2. Being a resident of L/A.county, all I have to say to our idiot legislators is F U. Just think of all the tax money I’ll save.

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