Nevada Marijuana Distribution Licenses Issued, Weed Shortage Avoided


Nevada’s potential marijuana drought has been resolved.

Under Nevada’s voter approved marijuana law, alcohol distributors were initially given an 18-month monopoly on the transportation of all recreational cannabis. Creating a palpable panic across the Las Vegas Valley and causing a shortage of recreational products, the state has now issued two marijuana distribution licenses.

Nevada, which officially rolled out a recreational marijuana program on July 1, sold approximately $3 million in recreational products over the extended holiday weekend. Initially great news for the state’s coffers – raising approximately $500,000 in new tax revenue – the state’s lack of planning for adequate distribution quickly created a conundrum for dispensaries – a lack of cannabis products.

Thankfully, the looming shortage of edibles, concentrates, and even flower was short-lived.

State regulators, caught off-guard, agreed on emergency procedures that will facilitate a streamlined licensing process for Nevada’s recreational distributors.  

The Reno Gazette Journal is reporting that Rebel One and Crooked Wine Company were awarded Nevada’s first marijuana distribution licenses earlier this week, allowing the two companies to transport products from cultivation facilities to state authorized dispensaries.

“Crooked Wine has signed an operation agreement with Blackbird, an established medical marijuana distributor also based in Reno. Crooked will have the license, but Blackbird will be in charge of the on-the-ground duties, according to Stephanie Klapstein, spokeswoman for the department.”

Endorsed and signed by Gov. Sandoval on Friday, the emergency distribution regulations are now in full effect. Per the new regulations, Nevada’s Tax Commission will now allow the distribution of recreational products by companies not related to the alcohol industry.

A victory for the 47 dispensaries and 64 cultivators that generated approximately 40,000 transactions during the first 48 hours of business, today’s endorsement by Gov. Sandoval is a win for both the dispensary owners and the voters who cast their ballots for unfettered access to recreational cannabis in the Silver State.

Photo courtesy of Allie Beckett

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