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Patients Find Freedom From Fibromyalgia Pain With Cannabis


When I first met Vicki, I connected with her right away. Comfortable in her own skin, I knew that if it weren’t for our professional relationship, we might have been friends. She was struggling when I met her, taking several medications and strapped financially as she had no decent health insurance to cover her pre-existing conditions after being laid off. Despite her serious medical conditions, she was very positive with a great attitude.

As a business development consultant and one of the few women in an industry dominated by men, Vicki had sought medical help 20 years earlier for intense pain in her right shoulder and neck as well as constant flu and cold symptoms. She was put on pain medication and eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. She tried a number of different medications but never felt well as the medications had many unwanted side effects. She couldn’t drive on the pain medication, was “out of it” during the day and couldn’t sleep at night. She struggled with the decision to continue taking the medications and suffer the side effects or not take the medications and suffer with symptoms of her conditions. She worried that she wouldn’t be able to go on.

Vicki began reading about cannabis as a natural option to treat her pain and came to my office to learn more. She has found that THC-rich medicine taken in small doses (one to two puffs) smoked in a joint two or three times a day eases her pain and insomnia. It also alleviates the anxiety that is so often associated with these medical conditions. Vicki states that she’s a responsible user and knows what affects her mind and body. She does not drive after she smokes and, while she reports sometimes feeling euphoria, she most often feels relaxed and is able to sleep.

Vicki’s former life of pain prohibited her from really participating in activities with her friends and family. Before cannabis, if she didn’t sleep or had too much pain, she would often stay at home to “ride it out,” and then feel too exhausted to leave. Her friends and family were frustrated with her, insisting that she didn’t take care of herself. “This is what fibromyalgia does. This is how chronic fatigue affects me,” she’d insist. “I have to stay home and take care of myself.” Today, if she feels pain or discomfort, she has a very effective and non-toxic way to treat it. With medical cannabis, she can actively participate in her life.

When I asked Vicki if I could share her story in this book, she replied, “Cannabis has helped me to live again. I can tolerate pain. I sleep now, for the first time, really, in my life. I think I wouldn’t have been able to go on if I hadn’t found cannabis. It has given me my life back.”

Vicki’s story comes courtesy of Dr. Bonni’s latest book. If you want to learn more about how the world’s most misunderstood plant is healing everything from chronic pain to epilepsy, pick up a copy of Cannabis Revealed on Amazon or Create Space today.

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American Botanical Council 2017 Book of the Year Semi-Finalist

About Author

Bonni Goldstein, M.D. is a physician who specializes in cannabis medicine in Los Angeles, California. She specialized in Pediatric Emergency medicine for years before witnessing the amazing benefits of this treatment in an ill loved one. Since then, she has successfully treated thousands of adult and pediatric patients with cannabis. She regularly speaks about cannabis medicine at conferences and patient groups around the world. She is the owner and medical director of CannaCenters and medical advisor to She is the author of the recently published book, Cannabis Revealed.


  1. Yes cannibias does work for the pain. I myself having fibromyalgia. I feel much better after smoking cannibias. I never try CBD oil

  2. It sounds like I’m Vicki! In every respect. I medicate responsibly, mostly at bed time, but if I’m hurting extra, and know I don’t have to drive, I puff when I think it’ll help with the pain and stiffness. When I first began medicating with oil and flower, I swear I felt 10 years younger. Physically, it was literally like the clock rolled back to how good I felt before the fibro hit. Amazing treatment. I would encourage everyone to experiment with cannabis’ many forms. Edible, topical, puffable! =)

  3. Mary Ramirez on

    Diagnosed in ’89 when it was “all in your head”, the very first rhumetologist I saw diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia w/ chronic fatigue syndrome. In the past years I’ve met with 3 more RA/OA physcians that all gave me the same diagnosis. I’m not at the point of being bed ridden, but I can’t go meet with friends, travel to see my grandsons, visit my daughters an hr away.
    Being invited to lunch with friends, go on a girls day trip, even to go garage sales of downtown to look at things are all things I long to do. But I have no friends now, facebook is good to find those of our kind, but it also keeps people away as does the fibro & cfs.
    People don’t believe you when they’re told I could barely get out of bed….LITTERALLY.
    This disease has taken away my life, there are times I don’t care if I live or die bc I’m just here, a bump on a log, useless to any and everyone

    I read the words in the post above and want to break out in tears.
    For those that don’t have knowledge about fibro, god I’d give anything to have you live a day in my shoes. I’m so frustraited, defeated, mad, anxious, saddened, that You can’t understand how cannibas can help us that have fibro, be able to look forward to a tomorrow with any type of hope and excitement for the day. Medical marijuana is not a junkies next fix, it’s a god given gift grown from the earth that would allow us to exists in the world.

    • I also have Fibromyalgia and Lupus. I’ve never tried cannabis as a treatment. I cannot smoke it, as it hurts my lungs too much. What method do you use or suggest to obtain relief? I’d do anything to feel “normal” whatever that feels like! I don’t remember. The worst part is everyone thinks I’m just lazy and feeling sorry for myself. I don’t have much of a life at all.

      • Jack Wilborn on

        Smoking Cannabis is probably the worst way (but most ‘social’) to use the product. I make tinctures which allow different types of ways to medicate. Once you have the tinctures, you can cook, bake or ingest the product. I commonly use a few drops in my coffee at night (decaf) with about 30 to 40 mg of flower.

      • Gary Brungard on

        While THC is bioavailable when injested, CBD isn’t. That’s why either smoking or vaping is preferred. I use both methods and while vaping is effective, I prefer smoking because I like the added flavor.

      • Velma. Coronado on

        Medical marijuana not legal in Texas yet but I started CBD oil it’s amazing how 1 mo of this oil has made on my wellbeing. I have Lupus , fibromyalgia, sjrogens, neuropathy, thyroidectomy , recently diagnosed MS . I’ve been off everything crept norco only cause I’m waiting for my oil. No meds this is awesome. No withdrawals. Oh anxiety. No Valium. I’m in awe. Waiting for Texas Law to change soon.

  4. We have a patient with Fibromyalgia with insomnia. She has tried our Cannabis infused salve and said it really helps with the pain and she no longer wakes up with a stiff neck, although she still isn’t sleeping as well as she’d like. She doesn’t want to smoke it, so today I sent her home with some infused honey. I’m hoping that does the trick, but I’m looking for other suggestions, from people who have a similar condition. We do have a tincture, so that might be another option.

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