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Finding Work in the Cannabis Industry Just Got Easier


Are you tired of working at a dead-end job? Do you feel compelled to help those in need? Can you spot the difference between marijuana cultivated inside, versus outside?

If you answered yes to those three questions, you may discover this new website makes finding a job in the marijuana industry considerably easier.

“The site,, allows hopefuls to apply to jobs and create employee profiles, with a focus on marijuana-specific skills and software,” according to CBS News.

“With eight U.S. states having legalized recreational marijuana, and 20 more allowing it for medical use, it’s clear the field is set to only keep growing. And with that growth potential, many workers — particularly those in other professions yet to see much in the way of raises — might be looking over at a rapidly expanding industry offering a range of career opportunities.”

While more than a few hard-working Americans would like to upgrade their current careers, few understand “how” and “where” to begin networking with potential employers in the budding marijuana industry.

No longer relegated to black market employment opportunities, today’s legal marijuana industry has transformed and radically increased the potential career paths within the marijuana industry.

Green Jobs in America

Legal in 28 states, America’s fast-growing cannabis industry is anticipated to create approximately 400,000 new jobs by 2021, according to ArcView Market Research.

Though plentiful, the competition to participate in America’s ongoing “green rush” has become rather spirited. The CEO of recruiting for Vangsters, Karson Humiston, explained, “There are more people who are interested in getting into the space than there are jobs.”

As of January 2017, approximately 5,500 job seekers have created profiles on Vangsters, in search of employment opportunities in the marijuana industry.

Candidates are applying for jobs like:

  •      Extraction technician
  •      Budtender
  •      Cultivation associate
  •      Facility manager
  •      Retail and packaging positions

A growth industry of the future, below is a quick list of other websites that focus on finding qualified employees for the marijuana industry.

Beyond the cultivation, extraction, and sale of marijuana products, the industry provides ample employment opportunities. Like any other fast-growing industry, there’s a serious need for qualified accountants, skilled marketers, talented graphic designers and knowledgeable web developers. A pivotal moment in time for America’s unemployed, the marijuana market is slowly emerging from the shadows of prohibition and becoming the next great American industry.

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  1. For me this is good news, there are now more job opportunities provided by this medical leaf. Maybe I can check it out sometime. Great job for this, we are getting more benefits from it.

  2. Martina Jaccarino on

    I am an attorney with 20 years of traditional legal experience, followed by four years in the Cannabis industry. I am looking for a full-time in house job with a mature Cannabis companies, but in the interim can do contract work and consultant work for people applying for a license back east. I have seen many partnerships fall apart after the application stage, and most state regulations mirror the regulations they find in states like Colorado and Washington.

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