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First Ever CBD Shop Opens in U.K.


A war is being waged in the United Kingdom over cannabis reform. Activists are trying to bring the federal government out of its reefer madness-esque coma in order to join other nations that have enacted new science-based regulations towards marijuana.

But while the two sides go toe-to-toe in a seemingly endless dance of legality, business finds a way to steamroll forward.

The first ever CBD shop in the United Kingdom has opened in East Lancashire. The brick and mortar store, called CBDrus, has been doing business over the internet for 18 months and will now be selling cannabidiol as a food supplement at its retail location.

CBD is legal in the U.K. and all over Europe as it is not psychoactive, but does provide many health benefits.

The owner of the shop is Scott Hardacre, who said that people tend to think the worst when they hear the word cannabis, but urged the naysayers to look online at the available research regarding its benefits.

Hardacre added that he believes this is the country’s first retail shop dedicated to CBD.

“I know the wide range of benefits of CBD that can help people globally. I would not say it is addictive,” said Hardacre. “It’s something natural and it helps people. I think it is crazy the way the government is looking at it.”

A local spokesperson for retail regulations said that a shop like this would not need to be licensed, so there is a clear path for CBDrus to open.

Some of the many CBD products available are capsules, candies, CBD e-liquid for vaping, dabs, oils, sprays, topicals and tinctures.

Prime Minister Theresa May has been vehemently opposed to any marijuana reform, but activists are raising the volume in a deafening call to end prohibition. A bill is expected to be introduced in October by Member of Parliament Paul Flynn to legalize medical cannabis for the country.

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  1. I would like to know why anyone, prime minister or otherwise, thinks that they have the right to control peoples’ use of this amazing herbal medicine. On the most basic level – never mind profits etc, just basic human rights! We should be allowed to freely grow our own for medical purposes as well, like mint and sage and ginger and all the other helpful herbs.

  2. It appears an individual county in the U.K., unlike in the U.S., isn’t free to legalize. Britain sure has a hardliner at 10 Downing Street, sorta like the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Or at least the USAG is.

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