Just 14% of Americans Believe Marijuana Should Be Illegal


Despite what Jeff Sessions or President Trump’s Opioid Commission would have you think, the vast majority of Americans are ready for some form of marijuana legalization.

In the face of a long-rumored federal crackdown on individual state marijuana laws, a new Harvard-Harris Poll survey reveals that 49 percent of respondents think the United States should legalize cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes, while 37 percent believe it should be available medicinally. Most interestingly, only 14 percent of Americans surveyed believe the outright federal prohibition of marijuana should continue.


Yes, that means the same number of adults in the United States (14%) that cannot read think marijuana should not be legal.

It’s also worth noting that 14 percent of Americans believe in Bigfoot.

And while rooting for the underdog can be fun, the 86 percent of people in the Harvard-Harris survey who want marijuana reform see the War on Drugs for what it really is — a money pit that’s caused far more harm than good in this country.

States with marijuana legalization see a dramatic reduction in opioid overdoses, tons of new jobs, and a serious influx of new revenue. Without the incessant lobbying and campaign donations from Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and Big Alcohol standing in the way of reform, this problem may have been solved long ago. However, we still have some people getting locked behind bars for a plant that’s legal in some form for roughly 200 million Americans.

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  1. The 14 percent of people who think pot should be illegal are crazy. It’s proven to be less dangerous than alcohol, & come to think of it, pot’s barely even a drug- it’s more or less a plant than a drug. If someone comes up to me, & says, “Hey, you wanna smoke some METH?”, then I would say “What!? No! What are you crazy!? That shit’ll KILL YOU!”. But if someone says, “Wanna smoke some WEED?”, nothing wrong there, it’s safe; it’s just a plant. I think that as responsible adults, we should have our own individual rights & responsibilties to use cannabis if we choose to, as long as we do so in a respectful & responsible manner. And I believe that not only should our own government, but also governments across the world should honor & respect that.

  2. Why Marijuana Should be illegal? on

    As because there are few people who like marijuana not everone. Well here are the some point of marijuana illegal. due to sex and brain cancer i see a lot. And i think when they damage brain cells the human would be no more

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