Nevada Judge Rules: Marijuana Supply Inadequate, Grow Distribution Now


A district judge has determined the Independent Alcohol Distributors (IAD) of Nevada lack the capacity to distribute sufficient quantities of recreational marijuana throughout the state.

The Thursday ruling by Carson City District Judge James Russell temporarily lifts the restraining order granted to the IAD, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“Russell said after an hour-long hearing that there is overwhelming evidence alcohol wholesalers don’t have the capability to meet the needs of dozens of recreational pot dispensaries from Las Vegas to Reno.”

For better or worse, Nevada’s recently implemented adult-use marijuana law initially provided alcohol distributors an 18-month monopoly on the transportation of all recreational cannabis.

Harmful to the state’s economy, the restricted size of the IAD’s distribution network has caused a palpable drought of marijuana in the Las Vegas Valley’s recreational shops – unleashing a rather odious effect on the program’s projected revenue. 

According to Nevada’s Tax Director, Deonne Contine, “Sales had dropped as much as 30 percent at some marijuana storefronts in recent weeks.”

“Legal recreational sales of marijuana started with a bang July 1,” Contine explained. “Since then, state Tax Director Deonne Contine has insisted the tiny distribution network’s inability to keep pace with demand is forcing up prices and sending buyers back to the black market.”

Judge Russell rescinded the recently granted restraining order one day after the Nevada Tax Commission established “there was an insufficient number of alcohol wholesalers to meet the growing demand.”

Distraught by the judge’s verdict, the attorney representing the Independent Alcohol Distributors, Kevin Benson, insinuated the IAD were the victims of an unjust process.

“Benson told Russell that the liquor industry did not get a fair hearing before last week’s ruling.”

While you can’t smoke in public or your hotel room, or while going “all in” at the local casino, thanks to Thursday’s ruling from Judge Russell, the availability of recreational marijuana in Nevada’s marijuana shops is a sure bet for now.

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  1. It was a stupid move in the first place. Alcohol distributors are working against their best interest when they move cannabis.

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