Review: The Easy Grinder Isn’t Like Other Robo-Shredders


While I’m usually eager to utilize new cannabis technology, my enthusiasm for electronic grinders is typically reserved. The modified coffee grinders usually treat my flower with zero delicacy, which ends up doing more harm than good in the end. There is a very small window where weed is perfectly ground, and it isn’t when an electric grinder has emulsified the once dense and sticky buds to a dusty powder remnant. Rolling up a joint full of grounds with the consistency of kief will definitely not make for an enjoyable experience. First, it’s going to burn extremely quickly, which can quickly expose any flaws in the roll as it canoes gently down the stream. Secondly, because there is no open space, the lack of airflow can make joints rolled with “robot-grinds” really difficult to hit.

Not with the Easy Grinder.

This device requires some finesse, but it should — it’s for the elite-level smoker doing elite-level smoking activities. You don’t entrust a Ferrari to a 16-year-old learning how to drive for the first time, and you wouldn’t use this bad boy to roll your first joint. This is some 10,000 hours stuff.

At first glance, the Easy Grinder looks like some sort of taser or the massive thermometer a doctor would stick in your ear as a kid. The extremely sturdy and seemingly bulletproof (it’s not) device is heavy without a doubt, but with this much power, battery life, and noise control it probably needs to feel like a private jet in your hand. Plus, this is one of those things where if you’re using the Easy Grinder, you don’t necessarily care about how much it weighs. It’s grinding your flower to exactly the texture you require in an unbelievable turnaround time, so you chill out on the dimensions a little.


One thing I really liked about the Easy Grinder compared to other robo-grinders I’ve tried was the fact that it still requires some user control. I could really act like I was getting good at it while I demonstrated the device to friends, though I quickly realized the ShakeWeight-esque motions were not getting quite the reaction I initially anticipated. Because the blades are situated a little bit further away from the flower in the reservoir, you must tilt the Easy Grinder on its side or upside-down until it’s grinding the flower at a rate you’re comfortable with. That maneuverability, combined with the precise touch-button control of the blade’s power switch allows you to grind your flower in quick bursts or in one long, devastating shred.

I wanted to observe how the Easy Grinder performed in a number of different scenarios because if you’re going to spend this kind of money on a grinder, you want it to be versatile. A laysmoker may say, “Hey, who cares? I get a free plastic grinder with every other delivery order,” but that person is probably also buying shake, because the kind of weed you put in the Easy Grinder has what’s referred to as terpenes, the sticky little balls of heaven that heavily adorn all proper cannabis. The levels of sticky in my icky destroys grinders — even the stainless steel ones — at an alarming rate.


I wanted to see how much trouble the Easy Grinder had with some fresh and dense OG that left residue on my fingers for hours the last time I handled it. I broke the flower up a little bit before tossing it in the chamber, knowing this batch is a Stage 5 Clinger, but the Easy Grinder essentially scoffed at my notion that it wouldn’t be able to handle such premium contents. Because it was my first run using the grinder, I went a little power crazy and turned nearly an eighth into what looked like a dehydrated Shamrock Shake — but you better believe it was the best kief I’ve had in a long time. Now that I knew the immense power the Easy Grinder wielded, I went into trial run number two with a more stop-and-go approach, applying some more finesse to the blend. The result was the most perfectly ground pile of Indica my eyes had ever witnessed. The little baby shreds were so airy, the pile seemed to bounce back like memory foam after being touched.

After clearing the grinder chamber out, I repacked it with a dryer, looser-bodied outdoor strain. I knew the Easy Grinder would blow through this one, so I was very conservative with my button presses — clearly treating this grinder review like a championship match of Call of Duty. There’s a small door that swings open on the far end of the grinder chamber so you can dispense directly into a bowl, joint, or blunt. The door worked excellently with the second strain I put through the Easy Grinder but had trouble with the stickier varieties. For that weed, I used my finger or a dab tool to free the leftover grounds from captivity.


After using the Easy Grinder for well over a week on a fairly consistent basis, I questioned how it was being powered, as I hadn’t been prompted to plug it in once. Considering the horsepower this device seemed to carry, the battery efficiency was astonishing.

Cleaning the Easy Grinder was a breeze, as it was relatively simple to get all of the grinds out of the chamber each session, not leaving much room for kief to get caked up inside where it can impede movement.

All things considered, the Easy Grinder is a great investment for the connoisseur roller or an ideal gift for the “Sharper Image” smoker in your life that must try all marijuana-related technology that looks like it could be sold at an Apple Store. Either way, whoever ends up with the device will have a top of the line shredder that, with some practice, will perfectly grind up their stash until their heart’s content.

The Easy Grinder is available in a wide assortment of classy and sophisticated colors for $149.99, and if you’re the kind of daily smoker who can afford to splurge a little on a device you’ll probably use quite often, I’d highly recommend it.


Photos Courtesy of Stephen Panosian

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