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Study Finds Marijuana Consumption Can Minimize Risk of Stroke


According to a recent study published in the Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, habitual marijuana use can dramatically reduce an individual’s chance of suffering a stroke.

Dr. Francis Filbey, the head researcher for the study and the director of Cognitive Neuroscience Research in Addictive Disorders at the Center for BrainHealth, explained:

“Past marijuana research has shown changes in cognitive functions such as memory and executive functioning. Our study seeks to understand the possible neurophysiological mechanisms that may drive these cognitive changes.”

For the study, researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas studied 175 volunteers for 60 days. Of the 175 participants, 101 were drug-free, and 74 were considered perpetual “drug users” that got high on marijuana no less than “5,000 times” throughout their life.

THC Lowered Blood Pressure

Conducted by Dr. Francis Filbey, the Texas-based study discovered “The primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), relaxes arterial walls resulting in lower blood pressure and increased blood flow to tissues. In the brain, THC binds to ubiquitous cannabinoid receptors (CB1) that are present in arterial tissue and regulate the microvascular environment via dose-dependent dilation of cerebral arterioles.”

Analyzed and scrutinized during the study, researchers performed MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) on the participants, in addition to monitoring their THC metabolite levels.


Dr. Filbey and her astute team of researchers discovered that individuals who consume cannabis on a regular basis had significantly better levels of global oxygen extraction fraction (OEF) and cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen (CMRO2) levels, particularly in comparison to non-users.

Linked to increased learning, the study also discovered “the cerebral blood flow (CBF) in the putamen — a round structure located at the base of the forebrain,” — was significantly higher in marijuana users than non-users.

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    • I too had a stroke three years ago, and I believe my outcome would of been worse if not for smoking cannabis. The research about it lowering blood pressure I am not so sure about that.

  1. This is terribly misleading and dangerously unethical to extrapolate a conclusion from research performed on a small subject size uncontrolled population that in no way looked at cannabis use and stroke outcomes. I am very disappointed this article was published and of note it is not authored by a licensed health professional or researcher. This study looked at a small sample of 175 people…only 74 of whom consumed cannabis and found improvements in cerebral metabolism and global oxygen extraction. It in no way documents a decrease in blood pressure! The proposed decrease in BP is based on theoretical effects of THC on CB1 receptors. What is most dangerous about this weak analysis is that recent research published in peer reviewed credible medical journals based on a large population study found a six times increase in mortality from hypertension among cannabis users. Both studies fail to identify the methods of use and the analysis of the THC content. High THC strains greater than 20% trigger an adrenergic response that results in a fight flight sympathetic nervous system increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

    • And in that study they literally said.. Yet no one has died from cannabis or hypertension from cannabis use. So.. Who funded the study? Who conducted the study? If it was done in the United states then I’d take it with an grain of salt.

    • Although it is obvious that this article has its draw backs, it comes as no surprise to cannabis users that cannabis, “many times, depending on strain” lowers blood pressure. My blood pressure has been high for 12 years. I started cannabis use when I was 64. My systolic readings have decreased 15% and my diastolic has decreased almost 13%. I have been able to lower my HBP medicine by 1/2 and am looking forward to getting off of it completely. A “clean” diet, more exercise and semi-regular cannabis use (2-3 times per week) make for a happy camper. All my friends have found similar results under similar regimens. When high blood pressure came out as a side effect of cannabis use we all followed our glorious (not) president’s exclamation “FAKE NEWS!”

    • Ya I think your on the losing side here bub. You seem to be one of the few clueless or uninformed Doctors that just can’t deal with the fact we like weed and it is pretty much harmless. The facts are out there, this herb has been studied for many decades all over the world. Besides, lot’s of studies are done with minimal participants.

  2. Western medicine is terrified of marijuana….but any Dr will gladly write you a prescription for drugs that have 2-6 pages of warnings!

    A cancer survivor for 30
    Years, with major head and neck surgery as well as 3600 rads of both electron and cobalt radiation – marijuana alone has been the relief for my burning pain. Cancer free and healthy.

    Western medicine will write me a script anytime for my reoccurring shingles….but my insurance will not pay for the acupuncture treatments that arrest the blister before it spreads across my head and face , or down my arm.

    • Lol, good gawd do some friggen reading of your own. The info is massive and easily available so do yourself a favor and get educated. Lot’s of studies are done with a SAMPLE group. You people act like this is something new, we have smoked it for many, many decades with no problem. Pay attention.

  3. John Gallagher on

    Oh dear, we’ve been using cannabis for tens of thousands of years and the only evidence against it is found by researchers funded by vested interests in the alcohol, pharmaceutical and plastics industries, the same people who on a daily basis make products designed to hurt and kill all life forms.

  4. Back in the Reagan era (“Just Say No”) I decided to do some on-line research regarding marijuana and cancer. I discovered John Hopkins, UCLA, and the Mayo Clinic had all recently done independent studies on the topic and all three research groups came up with the same conclusions: Not only was there no link between cannabis and cancer, but there actually appeared to be something within the compound that was actually A CANCER PREVENTATIVE. When they compared heavy, long-time users to non-smokers they found (amazingly) that a heavy, long-time smoker had no greater risk of getting lung cancer than a non-smoker.

    • Oh it goes way beyond that. Our Gov has known since the mid 70’s that cannabis kills many cancers and tumors, results got conveniently swept away. LaGuardia report is another.

      • I read an article last year that shows nearly every American president since Nixon has instituted or approved a research project on cannabis and its effect on users. Every study came back reporting that cannabis was not harmful but just the opposite, helpful to health in many different ways. Mankind has been using cannabis for medicine for thousands of years. There is written and archeological evidence available.

  5. Charlie Smith on

    Recently diagnosed with metastatic melanoma stage 4.treated first with radiation, then one of the new immuno therapy of the major hospitals. Would not give me the drug because of my liver transplant. Another DR at another hospital agreed to treat me with the drug. First given 5 to 8 live. Something worked I smoked weedsince 1963. Never quit nurologist was concerned but. I’m still around nearly 2.5 years, just wanted to share.

  6. To Dr Sumchai and others…
    May I offer an analogy:

    In 2002 a ‘study’ done by the
    WHI ( Women’s Health Initiative)
    comprised mainly of obese women and some having previous cardiac complaints concluded that HRT (hormonal replacement therapy) was very dangerous. Millions of women became terrified…Dr’s refused to
    prescribe it and still do over this
    erroneous study.

    I continued taking synthetic estrogen & progesterone and feel amazing.
    Not one side effect in 30 years of continuous use.
    I eat well and exercise of course.

    I have indulged in cannabis even longer…took a break past year or two but intend to continue in my autumn
    years… so much for studies.
    Cannabis in moderation is relaxing
    and puts a good spin on life.
    Try it and forget justifying your research money.

    • Dr. Strangeload on

      I have used oil, made from Marijuana for years for pain relief very effectively as a topical treatment. 2 years ago I discovered that the male plant, useless for getting high, had even better powers of pain relief. Demonstrated on several friends and wife with amazed results. No reason for the recreational pot farmer to kill male plants anymore .

  7. To all brothers and sisters worried about the above mentioned topic.. Look , there will never be a subject or opinion that we will al agree upon , Right! The marijuana plant has been a part of this world many years previous then any of us today . If you have suffered with certain medical conditions or personal conditions, the only risk you have to take is to try it! Try it in the form that YOU want. Let the industry prove what it can , does it really matter what their prilimanary reports have to say if it helps your current situation? Known after affects…. Loss of appetite , less pain, and less anxiety ! Start there and for all who are conserned about a miracle happening., well by making an effort to try other options doesn’t define your outcome. I believe that everything is subject to critasism .. So criticize what you do and how you do it before anything.. Cheers !

  8. Cannabis is a threat to several industries, and because of that, and other bogus reason s that’s why it was labeled schedule 1 narcotic. I have severe Osteoarthritis in my hip, I’m very sensitive to opioids, and truthfully i don’t want them. But as some can imaging having my hip shoved up and bone on bone in my hip socket, I am in pain constantly so I have a pen I carry with me, and it is my pain relief, and it works! The government may still be in denial of all of its health benefits, however in my industry which is the work comp industry the company I work for is seriously looking into the use of marijuana for opioid abuse and to help them come off of opioid use. The opioid epidemic is very very serious, and in my opinion from my personal experience I think that marijuana is an excellent choice to use in lieu of something such as Norco or Percocet. These medications are horrible and very habit-forming and when people cannot get them anymore from their doctor guess what they turn to? Yes heroin. In Colorado the opioid epidemic is not as severe as in other states that have not legalized marijuana and that is a fact. There is one undeniable fact that nobody can deny and that is no one, not one single person who uses or has used marijuana alone has ever died from an overdose, think about that for a while.

    • If you take this small study (as it’s being called) plus this other small study add those other 3 small studied along with several small studies. You are still going to get same results showing. THERE ARE VIABLE MEDICAL USES FOR MARIJUIANA.

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