Two Hawaiian Dispensaries Finally Open, More to Follow Soon


And it only took 17 years…

Maui Grown Therapies executed its first sale of medical marijuana on Tuesday as Oahu-based Aloha Green announced they would begin selling the medicinal herb on Wednesday.

The state of Hawaii was among the first to embrace the efficacy of medical marijuana by legalizing the therapeutic plant in 2000. Permitted to cultivate but not to purchase their medicine, patients eventually convinced their elected officials to draft legislation legalizing Hawaii’s dispensaries in 2015.

Hawaiian dispensaries now open

Hawaiian dispensaries now open

Dr. Gregory Park, a co-founder of Maui Grown Therapies noted, “it’s been a long, winding road to get here and we’re extremely excited.”

According to the Star Advisor, “The Department of Health certified last week the state’s first pakalolo testing lab, Steep Hill Hawaii on Oahu.”

A case of hurry up and wait, Hawaii’s dispensaries have had medicinal cannabis stocked and ready to sell for months. As a means of ensuring patients’ safety, all dispensaries were required to hold off on opening until the Department of Health certified an independent lab for testing Hawaii’s medicinal cannabis for contaminants and cannabinoid content.

Now officially open for business, Maui Grown Therapies had the distinct privilege and honor of selling Hawaii’s first batch of medical marijuana on Tuesday to Fred Rickert.

As for Aloha Green, the dispensary has been open to the general public since June 8, selling CBD products derived from hemp. No longer restricted to just hemp-based products, Aloha Green will officially open their doors for business today, finally selling real medical marijuana products on the island of Oahu.

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  1. Leo "Skip" Dearing on

    Just hope the state government of Hawaii will also think of the 17 years where their citizens died in pain and misery, FOR NO REASON ! So big up’s to them to finally get around to being sensible.

  2. In Hawaii, who will be able to purchase medical marijuana in these dispensaries? I’m a holder of a medical marijuana card in both Nevada and California. When I go to the islands I don’t want to have to bring my meds(weed products) with me. I’d rather purchase as I do here what I need as I need it without worrying about breaking the law.

  3. It’s a step in the right direction but I’d prefer to see complete removal from the drug schedule so we can all exercise our freedom to ingest whatever we want.

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