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UK to Host First Ever Medical Cannabis Summit


Prime Minister Theresa May is dead-set against any sort of cannabis reform. Despite the opinion at the head of Her Majesty’s Government, there are government officials, healthcare providers, activists, and everyday citizens who are calling for the legalization of medical and even adult-use cannabis in the United Kingdom.

Due to this growing choir of pot reform, it seems high time that Britain holds its first-ever medical cannabis conference.

We had considered several great countries including Germany and Spain, as both are progressive in their attitude toward cannabis. Spain is currently doing excellent cannabinoid research and Germany legalized medical this past March,” said Saul Kaye, CEO of iCAN Israel-Cannabis, the parent company of the conference, in an interview with “Having said that, CannaTech never shies away from medical cannabis discussions that may be provocative or dialogue that may be difficult. There are myriad issues facing the industry, and having frank conversation in a conservative country such as the UK where opinions are often polarized is an opportunity we relish.”

Kaye went on to describe what people can expect at the upcoming CannaTech show in the Queen’s nation. “The CannaTech UK show is a slightly different formulation than our flagship Tel Aviv events, having been curated specifically for this UK and EU audience. The 26th of October is our one-day main event that will provide a comprehensive overview of the ongoing research on the plant, its medicinal possibilities, and the related scientific innovations.”

Kaye added that the show will also devote some time to understanding the current cannabis landscape in Europe as a whole. A day before the show, there will be a “pre-event investor symposium” that will be dedicated to understanding the ins-and-outs of investing in the cannabis industry.

When asked if he expects any pushback from government officials or others who may be opposed to the idea of medical cannabis in the United Kingdom, Kaye said they don’t believe that will happen. “Why should anyone object to open, civil discourse on a hot-button topic that could, with proper regulation and oversight, change the world of medicine? We specifically chose a parliamentary society such as the UK because we recognized the country’s history of encouraging debate,” he said.

“Dialogue is the key to normalization, so I welcome government officials to come and learn, so they can make accurate and informed decisions as to the future of medical cannabis in the UK. I also invite any naysayers to come and learn about the proven success stories and untapped potential of medical cannabis.”

Some of the speakers at the event include Jason Reed from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition UK, Chuck Rifici from Canadian cannabis investment company Cannabis Wheaton, and Lorne Gertner from Tokyo Smoke.

The CannaTech Conference in the United Kingdom will take place on October 25-26 in London, England.

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