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United States Cannabis Coalition: Stone and Morgan Cultivate Bipartisan Group


If nothing else, there’s one thing that Roger Stone and John Morgan agree on…

President Trump should absolutely keep his 2016 pledge to support a state’s right to legalize medicinal cannabis.

On Wednesday, Roger Stone and John Morgan issued a press release announcing the creation of a bipartisan coalition – with one primary goal:

“To urge President Trump to honor the pledge he made during the 2016 campaign to support the states’ authority to legalize possession and distribution of cannabis.”

Currently, in the U.S., 29 states have exerted their 10th Amendment right to legalize medicinal cannabis to “various degrees,” and these two political heavyweights want those state rights preserved and protected.

Stone and Morgan come from different sides of the political aisle. Stone, a Republican, has long been an advisor to Pres. Trump; John Morgan, a Democrat, is credited with successfully helping to pass Florida’s constitutional amendment to legalize medicinal marijuana.

Reschedule, legalize, and prescribe

Now on the same team – legal marijuana – this bipartisan odd couple has just rolled out the United States Cannabis Coalition.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Chief of Staff John Kelly

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Chief of Staff John Kelly

Adamant that legalization would equate to national madness, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Chief of Staff John Kelly have both lobbied for “a crackdown on marijuana and resumption of the enforcement of Federal laws prohibiting marijuana possession and distribution in the states that have legalized cannabis.” A move of that nature would directly contradict the stated position of candidate Trump during the 2016 campaign.

“In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state.” ~ Donald J. Trump, Reno, Nevada, 2016 campaign stop

Morgan noted, “The Obama Administration wisely suspended aggressive enforcement of federal laws regarding marijuana possession and distribution,” explaining that, “Attorney General Eric Holder’s directive on the subject chose to respect states’ rights. Unbelievably, now Sessions and Kelly, egged on by the likes of Governor Chris Christie and the new FBI Director, want to void the Holder directive, revive the war on drugs.”

United States Cannabis Coalition

The following is a partial list of individuals who have joined the United States Cannabis Coalition:

  • Randy Credico, US Senate Candidate (D-NY)
  • Jeff Brandes, Senator (R-St. Petersburg)
  • Omar Navarro, Congressman (R- Congress 43rd District)
  • Norm Kent Chairman (NORML)
  • Matt Gaetz, Congressman (R- Fla.)
  • Diane Savino, NY State Senator (D-Bronx)
  • Christian Josi, former Executive Director American Conservative Union
  • Ron Castorina, Assemblyman Chairman Staten Island Republican Committee
  • Jeff Doctor, Director of the National Indian Cannabis Coalition
  • Jim Gray, former 2012 Libertarian Party candidate for Vice President
  • Elizabeth Everett, Texans for Trump
  • Deroy Murdock, columnist and activist
  • Mark Burns, Pastor, Easley S.C.
  • Doug Bandow, CATO Institute Scholar
  • Shamed Dogan, State Rep. (R- MO)
  • Curtis Sliwa, Guardian Angels Founder
  • Sgt. Gary Wiegert, St. Louis Police Dept
  • Ethan Orr, State Rep. (R-Tucson)
  • Judge Andrew Napolitano

Intended to rally the troops and mobilize “millions of pro-cannabis voters,” Morgan concluded, “in the event that the Trump administration does not keep faith with the millions of voters whose medicinal marijuana he promised to protect, we are prepared to take our bi-partisan effort to both houses of Congress to legalize cannabis and its sale federally.”

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  1. Marijuana needs to be descheduled. Rescheduling when several states have already fully legalized is very anticlimactic in view of marijuana’s current status in the US. As a stepping stone its too little too late. Better approaches are in just as easy a reach.

  2. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Impeccable report, Mr. Bud. Best news I’ve heard all week. It seems as if they started this desperately needed coalition just in the knick of time, prior to the new moon (and the even more ominous solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21). It’s never wise to try and begin anew in the last days of a moon cycle. It is a much better time for pause and reflection.

    • Congress needs to act, swiftly! It’s not only Jeff Sessions we should concern ourselves with, but also the head of the FDA, a good friend of Big Pharma and HHS secretary Tom Price. Price is against any, and all, uses of cannabis. Secretary Price is not a fan of opioid therepy, either. Personally I’d have hated having this man as my dr.

  3. John T Hodgen on

    The Government has Patents on Marijuana so why not legalize it and stop all the BS? 13 patents with all the worlds research on this miracle plant…not a drug! But the benefits to help the body to heal Thyself!

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