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Utah Medical Marijuana Signature Drive Needs Your Support


Do you live in Utah? Do you support medical marijuana? Would you like to see it legalized in 2018? Outstanding, here’s how you can help.

Participate in the Utah Patients Coalition (UPC) signature drive.

The UPC has officially started collecting the 113,143 signatures needed to place the Utah Medical Cannabis Act on the 2018 ballot.

On Thursday, the coalition focused their initial efforts at the Gallivan Center, located in downtown Salt Lake City. Surrounded by culinary delights, “Food Truck Thursday” provided a captive audience for supporters of the initiative to begin soliciting the necessary signatures.

Opposed by the Utah Medical Association, the 2018 ballot initiative gathered more than 1,000 signatures during a recent Willie Nelson concert held in Salt Lake City. Though Nelson eventually cut his performance short, citing “Utah’s high-altitude,” the 84-year-old performer had enough energy to first help patients in the Beehive State before calling it a night.

While the director of the Utah Patients Coalition told Fox 13 Now, “they have not lacked for volunteers with the issue,” the initiative requires supporters gather signatures from approximately “10 percent of every county’s population.”

The Utah Medical Cannabis Act of 2018 would legalize the use of medicinal cannabis for patients with a physician’s recommendation. If passed, the legislation would still prohibit any smoking of medicinal cannabis and would consider the cultivation of any medical marijuana illegal.

A monumental task for a worthy cause, the Utah Patients Coalition can use all the help they can get.

Those inclined to participate can volunteer on the UPC’s website.

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  1. i was recently in a motorcycle accident and need the pain relief medical marijuana can bring.. is the somewhere online i can sign up for the initiative? Its very difficult to go out for me. Thank you~!

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