Utah: Poll Shows 78% Support Medical Marijuana Initiative


While it may not be a political hotbed for liberal policies, more than a few voters in the state of Utah are apparently willing to embrace the efficacy of medical marijuana.

According to a new poll commissioned by the Salt Lake Tribune and conducted by Dan Jones and Associates on July 18-20, of the 605 registered voters surveyed, 45% “strongly support” the idea of a medical marijuana ballot initiative, while 33% support it “somewhat.”

And six Salt Lake County sheriff candidates are among the supporters.

Graphic courtesy of Salt Lake Tribune

Graphic courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune

The poll was published just days before six Salt Lake County Sheriff candidates announced they would support the legalization of medical marijuana if passed by voters.

On Thursday, at a Salt Lake County Sheriff Candidates Forum held in Sandy, UT, Ken Hansen, Steve Anjewierden, Levi Hughes, Matani Umu Manatu, Fred Ross, and Rosie Rivera each announced their support for the legalization of medical marijuana, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Candidate Forum

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Candidate Forum

“Five of the six candidates said the drug should be legalized, particularly if the people of Utah vote to do so.”

The sixth candidate, Matani Manatau, said he’s never “used marijuana” but would be willing to defend the rights of those who do, provided the people of Utah ever vote to legalize it.

Thanks to the Utah Patients Coalition and their 2018 ballot initiatives, that day could be rapidly approaching for the residents of Utah.

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    • How about 6,000 years of Medicinal use with no problems. Doctors were prescribing Cannabis into the 1900’s. Google – old cannabis medicine bottles from the 1900’s

      By the 20th century over 100 papers about cannabis were published in Western medical journals and cannabis preparations were available at most local Pharmacies.

      • So? Coccain and herion were also freely available around 1900 also.
        Keep in mind the difference between Medical vs recreational. Getting it passed for ‘serious’ medical is a lot different than getting laws passed for rec use…

  1. FIRE N. There is all the necessary info out there just search for it. If U meant that U need more info because the article was too short then request more info. Or keep tuning in.

    CANNABUS. Thanks so much for telling the truth. Keep it real.

    COLDWARVET. Remember that this is a different world and YES cannabis needs to be implemented whether it is REC or MED. FYI I understand that there are conditions like PTSD, which I suffer from, that benefit tremendously from ANY type of MJ – rec or med.

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