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65% of Canadians Support Private Retail Cannabis Outlets


A new poll conducted by Oracle shows that 65 percent of Canadians would support dispensaries run by licensed growers.

The telephone interview survey of 5,000 citizens across the country was designed to study “Canadian consumers’ views of the current medical marijuana market and the upcoming legalized, recreational market performed to date.”

Researchers found that 57 percent of respondents were in favor of the government’s plan to end cannabis prohibition. However, the synergy between public demand and the government quickly separated from there.

The disparity came with the fact that 65 percent of respondents who are cannabis consumers believe that anybody with a license to grow marijuana should be allowed to open their own retail stores. This is in direct contention with Ontario’s plan to open 150 government-controlled retail outlets, and New Brunswick’s plan to have two major licensed producers supply a government-controlled retail entity as well.

Another important takeaway from this extensive survey showed that more than half (53 percent) of Canadians have a positive view of cannabis.

The poll revealed that 26 percent of respondents consume marijuana products, which equates to 7.67 million Canadians. That number is expected to increase — approximately 11.42 million people will consume or will continue to consume cannabis products once legalized.

Ontario and New Brunswick are the only two provinces to make announcements regarding their intentions for retail cannabis sales. British Columbia announced this week that they will be having a five-week public consultation on a potential marijuana framework in the province.

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