America’s Best (and Worst) Colleges for Getting a “Higher” Education


Gone are the days when college students only selected their schools based on campus size, graduation rate, and accreditation. Though still important benchmarks, today’s students contemplating a higher education have a slightly more nuanced set of criteria. While some students prefer universities that focus on careers in political science, economics, or chemical engineering – others would simply like to be surrounded by a like-minded student body.

Rolled out in advance of the 2018 school year, a report from the Princeton Review has just unveiled their list of the 20 best colleges for students that enjoy relaxing – when not studying – with marijuana.

Ranked from 1 through 20, the Princeton Review surveyed 137,000 students at 382 colleges, asking them, “How widely is marijuana used at your school?” 

20 Best Wake-N-Bake Colleges

20 marijuana friendly colleges

20 marijuana friendly colleges

Based on the answers extracted from the survey, the following colleges made the “Reefer Madness” grade and have been named the 20 most marijuana-friendly colleges in America:

#1 University of Vermont

#2 Ithaca College

#3 Bard College

#4 Eckerd College

#5 University of Colorado – Boulder

#6 University of Maine

#7 University of Rhode Island

#8 University of California – Santa Cruz

#9 Skidmore College

#10 University of Wisconsin – Madison

#11 Wesleyan University

#12 University of California – Santa Barbara

#13 Reed College

#14 Pitzer College

#15 Warren Wilson College

#16 Champlain College

#17 Goucher College

#18 St. Lawrence University

#19 Colorado College

#20 Bennington College

Highest Priority

University Boulder Colorado on 4.20

University Boulder Colorado on 4.20

Dissected by different criteria, a post in The Street indicates students attending the following colleges spent the most cash at their local marijuana dispensary between 2016 and 2017.

#1 University of Colorado – Boulder

#2 University of Oregon

#3 University of Southern California

#4 University of California Los Angeles

#5 Evergreen State College

#6 South Puget Sound College

#7 University of Nevada at Reno

20 Colleges Stoners Should Avoid

Brigham Young University Utah

Brigham Young University Utah

Less receptive to overt cannabis consumption, students who like to “get high” and are heading off to college next year should consider avoiding the following schools:

#1 United States Coast Guard Academy

#2 United States Naval Academy

#3 United States Military Academy

#4 Brigham Young University

#5 United States Air Force Academy

#6 College of the Ozarks

#7 Thomas Aquinas College

#8 Wheaton College

#9 City University of New York – Baruch College

#10 Calvin College

#11 Grove City College

#12 Hillsdale College

#13 Gordon College

#14 Baylor University

#15 Illinois Institute of Technology

#16 Stephens College

#17 University of Dallas

#18 Simmons College

#19 Anges Scott College

#20 City University of New York – Queens College

Carpe diem future cannabis entrepreneurs, the end of prohibition is near. Projected to cultivate a $7-billion industry in California once fully operational, students seeking a higher education should understand the economic ramifications of this historic moment in time, and seize it.

Hardly your average American “University,” Oakland’s Oaksterdam U. provides a lofty alternative for those budding entrepreneurs that would like to head straight into the industry they love.

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