Michigan Dispensaries Face Tough Decision Over New Regulations: Close or No License


Michigan marijuana businesses hoping to stay operational in the “gray area” before the state begins issuing licenses received some bad news on Tuesday.

Michigan lawmakers unveiled the new regulatory framework they hope will be the most effective method of oversight and tax revenue generation but warned current cannabis shops that staying open before the application process begins on Dec. 15 could put their chances of obtaining one of the highly-coveted licenses at risk.

The state isn’t requiring the shops to close, but Andrew Brisbo, Director of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Bureau, warned shops that stay open through Dec. 15 could face a “potential impediment to licensure.”

Owners and employees of currently operational Michigan dispensaries are not the only ones who will feel the effects of these new rules, as over 218,000 medical marijuana patients in the state will now have to grow their own medicine or find a reliable caregiver in the absence of shops that must now shut down in hopes of thriving in the future marketplace.

Dispensaries were not specifically addressed in 2008 when Michigan passed medical marijuana laws — some cities and towns turn a blind eye while others outright ban the businesses activity.

Regulations developed last year for Michigan’s medical marijuana industry call for a licensing system with five tiers, including licenses to grow, process, sell, transport, and test marijuana.

The application fee for a license will cost marijuana business owners between $4,000 and $8,000. License fees for a variety of different cannabis businesses will vary between $10,000 and $57,000, though a “Class A” cultivation license fee will remain capped at $10,000 by law to ensure there remains a place in the market for small businesses to thrive.

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  1. Crooked politicians thwarting the will of the citizens of Michigan it sounds like to me. Recall politicians and fire appointees that do not support those laws that benefit our citizens.

  2. Just another example of how government can take a simple problem and turn it into a complex nightmare of Red Tape and bureaucratic non-sense.

  3. Why is Michigan so screwed up about the law. These idiotic cops need to be fired and the sane ones reeducated. They seem to try to do the wrong thing and see if they get a reaction from it. This is an embarrassment to the state. The laws are written so can’t cops read and comprehend at the same time?

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