New Poll Shows Support for Recreational Marijuana in New Jersey


A new Quinnipiac University poll surveyed 1,121 registered New Jersey voters for their opinion on a wide range of topics that included everything from Governor Chris Christie’s approval rating (very low) to support for background checks on all gun purchases (very high).

The poll also asked respondents a number of marijuana-related questions.

On the topic of recreational marijuana, 59 percent of Garden State voters support legalizing the possession of cannabis for personal use. With the exception of Republicans at 53 percent and voters over the age of 65 at 50 percent, every other party, gender, education, age or racial group supports the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey.

When asked if they would try marijuana were it legalized in New Jersey, 55 percent responded they would “definitely not try” cannabis. A very open-minded nine percent said they would “definitely try” legal cannabis, while another 12 percent said they would “probably try it.”

  • 12 percent of New Jersey voters believe marijuana is more harmful than alcohol
  • 38 percent think marijuana is less harmful than alcohol
  • 46 percent say marijuana and alcohol are equally dangerous

The notion of marijuana legalization has been popular in the Garden State this year. New Jersey Senators have proposed plans that would end cannabis prohibition in either the state or across the country, all while sitting duck Governor Christie ignores an onslaught of medical marijuana recommendations while attempting to solve the opioid epidemic for President Trump.

While New Jersey lawmakers struggle to get on the same page about cannabis legalization, the most recent poll points to a majority of voters who are ready for change.

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  1. Wow. I thought New Jersey would show more wisdom and knowledge than what this poll shows but I’ve never been there and I’m sure there is a reason for it. Regardless, the people of this country, indeed – the entire world – needs to be educated on the Cannabis plant, its history, its uses, its benefits and the lies used against it to keep it illegal. Common sense says that after thousands of years of use and its legal medical status, that if the plant were truly dangerous, we’d know it by now.

    Thanks to NORML and other groups, real, up to date information on this plant has become widely available but we need to somehow break through the barrier of stigma and false narratives and let people see that this plant is not toxic or evil but a blessing to mankind.

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