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Strain Overview

The Scoop: California’s San Fernando Valley is a sprawling suburbia that’s famous for its inherent opportunities under the sun. Of which, the cultivation of the unique San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG) is among the finest. First enhanced by Swerve from the Cali Connection, this modified OG Kush strain disarms the repressed psyche and relaxes the overstimulated intellect.

The Result: Not to be confused with the Cali Connection’s SFV OG Kush, the two variants of OG Kush are considered unique and distinct. While the SFV OG is a Sativa-dominant strain, the SFV OG Kush is considered a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid that’s been crossbred with some Afghani landrace genetics.

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The Verdict: SFV OG is a highly relaxing variant that’s acknowledged for its medicinal efficacy. A naturally holistic medicine of the highest order, SFV OG vanquishes unrelenting stress and stress-related pain with a few simple tokes.

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Also Known As: SFV OG

Genetics: OG Kush phenotype

Origin: California

How Stoned Will You Get: 7.5

Average THC: 18-20%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Awards: 2012 – Denver HTCC, 1st place

Strain Profile

The Science: A test of SFV OG performed by Cannalysis shows this specific group of flowers had a total THC content of 20.24 percent. A great strain for relaxing but not easing inflammation, no CBD cannabinoids were detected during the potency profile test. Potent and pungent, SFV OG’s primary flavor and aroma are dictated by its dominant terpenoids: Myrcene — 6.59 mg/g, Humulene — 1.23 mg/g, and Caryophyllene — 2.85 mg/g.  

sfv og terpene profile

Appearance: As should be expected from a variant derived from the OG Kush strain, SFV OG resembles its genetic downline. Shrouded by its protective sugar leaf, SFV OG’s jade green calyxes and pumpkin-colored pistils are cloistered from the outside world. A common trait among many OG-derived strains, when tightly manicured, the buds tend to be smaller in size and dense.

Consistency: Dictated by the cultivator and their curing process, SFV OG produces medium-sized flowers that should remain supple and flexible when properly dried. At full maturation, the SFV OG cola resembles an un-decorated Christmas tree. Conical shaped and ready to celebrate any occasion, SFV OG’s resin-encrusted trichome glands shimmer with the holiday spirit.

Scent: Tenuously tethered to the original OG Kush gene pool, the aromatic quality of SFV OG is the real draw for this strain. While rather blasé in appearance, its aroma more than compensates for its lackluster composition. When dissected for smoking pleasure, consumers will notice the heady aroma of diesel fuel, pine, and citrus as soon as the bag is opened.

Taste: A citrus forward smoke with a spicy kick on the inhale, SFV OG offers hints of tangerines and a sweet diesel aftertaste when exhaled. A superior daytime smoke by virtue of its genetic predisposition, those suffering from bouts of social anxiety may want to pass on this strain – particularly in the evening.

Effect: Straddling the genetic dividing line, its Sativa side encourages euphoric creativity while the Indica side instills a sense of relaxed bliss. Imposed by the medicinal properties of its terpene profile, SFV OG allows patients and recreational smokers alike to elevate their mental functionality while reducing stress and anxiety.

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Strain Background: A master breeder/pheno hunter hailing from “The Valley,” Swerve couldn’t help but notice an intriguing phenotype thrown by one of his OG Kush clones in 2003. Captured, nurtured, and propagated for our medicinal needs, that single clone soon morphed into what is now known as SFV OG. Overwhelmed by orders for his dope new strain, Swerve soon switched from cloning to propagating these extremely popular West Coast beans.

Medical Uses: Capable of cleansing the body and mind of stressful depression and debilitating pain, SFV OG is another great strain to pair with your morning cup of coffee.

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  1. Willie Townsell on

    I had some from a dispensery in RENO. I was not impressed. But most green from those establishments aren’t that impressive to begin with. The grower just raises it to maturity, cut it and drit’s it. No cure. Eager to get the money recuperated. Ugh. I did have some LA OG. It was the stain available

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