Tahoe OG Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: Tahoe OG, one of the first cuts of the OG Kush strain to take the West Coast by storm in the late 80s, became one of the most coveted OGs in the Golden State by the end of the millennium. A well-respected strain that’s still held in high regard by breeders and patients alike, Tahoe OG was soon followed by other heavy-hitting OGs like Private Reserve OG, Hardcore OG, and Fire OG.

The Result: Easily confused with the similar sounding Tahoe OG Kush (Tahoe Kush Clone x SFV OG), the purported genetics involved in creating the original Tahoe OG strain have become somewhat hazy over the past three decades. Regardless of the cloud of confusion, the Tahoe OG strain still provides some chilling relief for the fatigued body and exacerbated mind.

Tahoe OG verdict

The Verdict: Tahoe OG possesses the knockout power of a Squaw Valley avalanche combined with the lofty flavor of some high mountain nectar. Real medicine for the masses, Tahoe OG routinely flies off the shelves at dispensaries in just hours, thanks to its effectual cannabinoids and incredible flavor profile.

Tahoe OG terpene profile

Tahoe OG terpene profile

Strain Characteristics

Type: 50/50 Hybrid

Also Known As: Tahoe OG

Genetics: OG Kush

Origin: Lake Tahoe, California

How Stoned Will You Get: 8

Average THC: 20-23%

Average Price Per ⅛: $45

Awards: 3rd Place “Indica” 2011 HTCC

Strain Profile

The Science: Lab tested by individual batches, a 2016 potency and profile test of Tahoe OG indicated these specific buds had the following terpene profile: Linalool – 0.01%, Caryophyllene oxide – 0.01%, Myrcene – 0.04%, beta-Pinene – 0.01%, Limonene – 0.01%, Terpinolene – 0.01%, alpha-Pinene –  0.95%, Humulene – 0.76%,  and Caryophyllene – 0.01%. From a potency standpoint, this boutique batch of Tahoe OG tested at a respectable 22.4% for total THC.

Tahoe OG Potency Profile

Tahoe OG Potency Profile

Appearance: Multicolored and vibrant, some Tahoe OG phenotypes produce a bountiful harvest of flashy, purple-hued calyxes inundated with potent trichomes. At full maturation, the ripe trichomes make the buds appear as if they’ve been rolled in a psychotropic pile of sugar. Artful in its presentation, the Tahoe OG strain will occasionally produce recessive phenotypes, which in turn, create small variances in the strain’s overall appearance.

Consistency: A tactile and viscous experience, a nug of Tahoe OG demands patience when being broken apart by hand. Saturated with its valuable and volatile cannabinoids, a sharp pair of scissors or grinder is highly recommended when breaking apart for consumption.

Scent: Tahoe OG has an overarching petrol aroma that’s traditionally accentuated by its lemon and pine zest. Tickling the nostrils, its fragrant bouquet can be identified easily once the bud is out of the bag, which can be problematic for many. Heightened by its earthy undertones of pine and complemented by the diesel fuel overtone, Tahoe OG makes for a fantastic and tasty nighttime smoke.

Taste: Like pure bliss, Tahoe OG’s flavors of skunk and pine are masked by its sweet and fruity profile. A joyful experience for the connoisseur’s palate, Tahoe OG provides a truly exceptional and complex flavor — one that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Effect: Known for its hard-hitting Indica buzz, Tahoe OG is one of the more prominent hybrids in today’s market — and one that is best suited for nighttime use. Improving the quality of sleep for those insomniacs in the smoke circle, Tahoe OG  is known to relax the overstressed body and cleanse the mind of painful thoughts. Tahoe OG’s effect seeps into the subconscious mind in a matter of minutes, releasing tension and redirecting mental energy after just one hit. Primarily a physical high (thanks, Indica), its Sativa side instills a euphoric state of mind.

Strain Background: Tahoe OG, considered by online sources to be a variant phenotype of the original OG Kush, can be purchased as a clone or found as flower at dispensaries throughout Southern California. A legend amongst the OGs, those dispensaries that carry Tahoe OG will generally sell out in a matter of hours.

Medical Uses: Tahoe OG is most often used to help mitigate the effects of anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia, while it’s also thought to be helpful for those suffering from depression, ADHD, PTSD, migraines, and PMS.

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