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Tennessee: Will the Next Governor Support Medical Marijuana?


With five out of seven candidates tentatively supporting the legalization of medical marijuana for qualified patients, Tennessee’s voters remain optimistic regarding access to effective medical treatments as they look forward to the 2018 gubernatorial race.

Though none of the seven candidates support recreational consumption, the majority of potential governors believe Tennessee should contemplate legalizing cannabis for patients suffering from a host of debilitating health issues.

An issue that crosses the political divide, “five of the seven candidates – including three of the Republicans – say there may be circumstances under which Tennesseans ought to be allowed to possess and use marijuana,” according to Nashville Public Radio.

On the ‘Pro’ side of the medical marijuana issue, former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean (D), House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh (D), Randy Boyd (R), Mae Beavers (R), and House Speaker Beth Harwell (R) have cautiously issued statements of support for legalizing medicinal cannabis in Tennessee.

Simpatico with their electorate, those candidates who support medical marijuana stand the best chance of winning the highest office in the state come Nov. 6, 2018, according to a survey conducted by WKRN News.

Published on Sept. 21, a Tennessee survey has so far polled 4,268 respondents, of which 93.56 percent were supportive of legalizing medical marijuana in the state of Tennessee, and only 5.3 percent – or 229 votes – said no to legalizing the medicinal herb.

Tennessee medical marijuana survey shows strong support

Tennessee medical marijuana survey by WKRN News shows strong support

Nashville’s Former Mayor Karl Dean Explained His Support:

“When the medical profession says there’s an identifiable, concrete reason why this could help with someone’s care, I think that should be permitted,” Dean noted. “I certainly would not want the state, if there’s medical evidence and the medical profession supporting it, standing in the way of people receiving relief from their suffering.”

Okay, no “suffering,” but how about reducing Tennessee’s opioid-related overdoses?

Medical marijuana could decrease Tennessee's opioid related overdose rate

Tennessee Department of Health reports 1,186 opioid-related deaths occurred in 2016

Medical marijuana has been shown to curb opioid-related deaths by as much as 33 percent in states that have granted legal access to the medicinal plant — Tennessee could potentially save thousands of lives by simply legalizing medical marijuana.

A September report by the Tennessee Department of Health indicates 1,631 residents overdosed during 2016 – of which 1,186 deaths were attributed to opioids.

Potentially saving 391 lives annually (math: 1,186×33%), the legalization of medical marijuana in Tennessee could theoretically end the “suffering” for hundreds of families annually.

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    • I’d love to have some. Only problem being I know not where to locate any. 59 y!o with 0 connections means no cannabis for thee. High school teens have an easier time, much easier, finding it.

  1. First of all what ever happened to LIBERTY? That is one of the first words in our constitution of the United States. Define liberty in a proper manner and you will discover that LIBERTY is no longer an element. LIBERTY has been stricken from the U.S.C. Even if someone needs opiates, that is their right if LIBERTY is to be honored. Actually, a person has the right to kill their self if they want, that is the business of nobody but that person who makes such a choice. WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE WHINING ABOUT THE CAR ACCIDENT EPIDEMIC? More people die in car wrecks than overdoses. There are too many cars on the road, the roads are in horrible shape not only destroying our cars and tires, but banging my ass so hard I suffer in pain for the rest of the day and sometimes the next. These people remind me of a bad brat kid putting a small animal in a cage and torturing it! LEAVE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN PAIN ALONE AND KEEP YOUR DRUG WAR AWAY FROM THEM! People in chronic pain suffer enough without do gooders breathing down their necks. I have been tortured with chronic pain since I could not pay out of pocket for a drug test back in 2004. I have three discs completely empty, not just herniated, EMPTY and the leave me suffering each day because of THEIR beliefs. I FEEL LIKE A FISH WHO WAS TOLD BY A MONEY “I will save you, as the monkey makes the fish safe but putting it up in a tree on a branch

  2. John M.Stratton on

    So how many people have ever overdosed on marijuana. ……..thinkin…………lookin…………researchin……….Ok then none no one has overdosed on weed it…..a human would have to consume 1500pounds in 15 min to overdose …..Ok congress it’s not humanly possible so do away with most of the opioid epidemic and legalize marijuana in tired of hurting everyday just because I don’t and won’t take pills ……yes I’m stubborn ….but anyways I have to hurt because I can’t get wat helps me legally. …….but other states are movin toward I don’t wanna leave my home state Tennessee I love Tennessee but I know alot of people that have already moved so there children won’t have to suffer in Tenn cause there seizures. ……poor little people all over a few votes ………we the people. …that used to mean somethin …..how bout our liberty ….come on congress pass cannabis for us please end our (Tennessee ) suffering and get on board with legalizin marijuana ….thanks and Got Bless America

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