Animal Cookies Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: Animal Cookies an offspring of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) x Fire OG Bx3 — is true to its incredibly potent gene pool. A breathtaking strain with a plethora of medicinal benefits, Animal Cookies is a lofty creation from the talented breeders at BC Bud Depot. Often cited as a tasty source of effectual pain relief, Animal Cookies (AC) is notorious for inspiring perpetual couch lock, blank stares, and a healthy disregard for the passage of time.

The Result: A perfect strain for pushing aside anxiety derived from the daily 9-to-5 grind, Animal Cookies (an Indica-dominant hybrid) typically offers unparallelled bag appeal in conjunction with an elevated THC profile. Though Animal Cookies has yet to win any major awards, her crowd-pleasing appearance and anxiety crushing compounds are sure to win over fans of alternative medicine.

Animal Cookies Marijuana Strain Review

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The Verdict: When unleashed by America’s skilled cultivators, Animal Cookies exhibits a rather bipolar personality. Amplified by the brute force of the Fire OG Bx3 and sweetened by the genetic predisposition of the original GSC, Animal Cookies provides greater potency with higher yields and a stable plant structure.

Terpene profile for animal cookies

Animal Cookies Terpene Profile

Strain Characteristics

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Also Known As: AC

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG Bx3

Origin: British Columbia

How Stoned Will You Get: 8.5

Average THC: 18-20%

Average Price Per ⅛: $45

Awards: Not Applicable

Strain Profile

The Science: Lab tested in 2016 by Analytical 360, a sample batch of Animal Cookies tested at 18.38 percent in total THC and 0.09 percent for CBD. Sure to soothe unrelenting pain, anxiety, and the occasional muscle spasm, AC’s test results disclosed the strain’s elevated terpene content: alpha-Pinene 1.52 percent, Caryophyllene 0.67 percent, and Humulene 0.20 percent.

Cannabinoids, terpenes: animal cookies profile

Animal Cookies potency profile

Appearance: A West Coast favorite with a rapidly growing fan base, Animal Cookies is generally comprised of tight nodules. Accentuated by its olive green hues, purple tips, and a proliferation of psychotropic trichomes, this unique strain maintains an alluring presence. Dependent on several variables – such as the cultivator’s skill set, the night cycle temperature, and any recessive genetics – the depth and frequency of AC’s purple phenos tend to vary by batch.

Consistency: Solid, sticky, and ready for your 420-action, Animal Cookies burns evenly when properly ground for rolling – despite its overwhelming density. Nearly as satisfying to smell as it is to smoke, AC’s flowers are best dissected for consumption with a good grinder.

Scent: Distinctive in its OG musk and floral overtones, AC gives way to a surprisingly recognizable air of Girl Scout Cookies when first shredded. Instructed by its active terpenes, both the smell and flavor are reminiscent of the original GSC; a doughy and deep chocolate aroma accentuated by subtle hints of mint.

Taste: Flavors as diverse as mint, chocolate-covered cherries, and wild berries come and go as you burn your joint of Animal Cookies. Providing instant relief for the overstressed mind, smokers and tokers should pay close attention to the flavor of AC during their first rip. Chances are, that’s all they’ll remember. After that, it’s lights out till morning.

Effect: Subduing our psychological and physical antagonists, the AC strain works to quiet our inner conflicts. One or two hits from a bong, joint, or vaporizer will leave the smoker spaced and feeling rather nonchalant. Tolerant and tranquil, the relaxed consumer enjoys a heightened sense of critical thinking. Productivity dependent, Animal Cookies is best utilized after work, before bed, or when ready for some serious chilling.

Strain Background: Still delicious and retaining much of the original GSC flavor, Animal Cookies was initially propagated by the breeders at BC Bud Depot. Dusting a hearty GSC female with a Fire OG Bx3 stud, BC Bud released the Animal within. A strain known for its intriguing aroma and massive yields, Animal Cookies may require serious taming during her vegetation cycle.

Medical Uses: Animal Cookies is reported to provide effectual relief for individuals suffering from stress-related pain, insomnia, or depression. Also a great strain for those suffering from HIV-AIDS wasting syndrome, AC is renowned for awakening even the most repressed appetites.

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