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How to Make a Pumpkin Bong in Three Easy Steps


It’s officially pumpkin season, so it’s time for every stoner’s fall favorite: The Pumpkin Bong.

This is the easiest tutorial on the web — follow these “three simple steps” and you’ll be smokin’ out of a pumpkin in 10 minutes or less!

Most Pumpkin Bong how-to’s tell you to gut the entire pumpkin first, a time-consuming and messy task. In this tutorial, we’re going to skip all that and go straight to the good stuff. I tried both ways for you and noticed no difference in flavor or functionality — just an enormous amount of time and energy saved by not removing the seeds!


What You’ll Need:

5 Simple Necessities…

A Pumpkin, of course

A Downstem (borrowed from your trusty traditional bong)

A Bowl (or nail if you prefer dabs)

A Carving Utensil (a serrated knife works as well)

And Some Weed! (or oil)


1. Carve a Hole for the Downstem

Toward the bottom of the pumpkin, using a carving tool or knife, make a small hole for your downstem. You want the downstem to be nice and snug;  I found it best to start carving a small hole, and to gradually increase the size until the downstem fit just right. The next time I make a pumpkin bong, I will be sure to carve this hole with more of a vertical angle. Mine was too horizontal, which still worked great, but when it came to tokin’, I needed to tilt the pumpkin back a little to get a full bubble rollin’.


2. Carve a Hole for the Mouthpiece

Next, it’s time to carve a small hole for a mouthpiece! If you’re artistic, you can get carve a more intricate mouthpiece. I chose to go with a simple little smile 🙂 Just don’t go too big or else you’ll lose the air-tight functionality! Test out the positioning of the mouthpiece before you cut — you want to be able to see where you’ll be lighting the bowl.


3. Fill the Pumpkin with Water

You can fill the pumpkin through the downstem or the mouthpiece. Just keep filling up and testing it out until you hear that beautiful bubble. It takes a surprising amount of water, depending on the size of your pumpkin.


4. Slide Your Bowl in and Pack it Up!

Okay, so maybe there are 4 steps but does this one really count? 😉 Fill up your bowl with some yummy, sticky ganja and get ready to light up!

Light it Up…


Inhale Those Delicious Pumpkin Vibes

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  1. Wow! Would definitely love to make this. I am excited on thinking about how cool it would be to smoke from it. Would make some of my jealous I guess :p Anyways thanks for sharing 🙂

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