Oregon Dept. of Revenue to Distribute $85 Million in Marijuana Taxes


Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?

By Wednesday, Oregon’s officials will have distributed approximately $85 million to the state’s school fund, public health services, and local municipalities.

Oregon marijuana tax revenue disbursement

Generated by Oregon’s adult-use marijuana program between Jan. 4, 2016 and Aug. 31, 2017, the Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR) announced on Friday that the department had collected just north of $108 million in total marijuana taxes.

Of Oregon’s $108 million in new marijuana tax revenue – $94.55 million has been earmarked for distribution.

House Bill 3470, which dictates the distribution of Oregon’s marijuana revenue, directs the following dispersal:

  • State School Fund will receive 40% – $34 Million
  • Mental Health, Alcoholism, and Drug Services Account will receive 20% – $17 Million
  • Oregon’s Cities and Counties will receive 10% – $17 Million
  • Oregon State Police will receive 15% – $12.75 Million
  • Oregon Health Authority will receive 5% – $4.25 Million

Per the DOR, “Of the revenue eligible for distribution, $9.56 million went to transfers required under Senate Bills 1057 and 1597, repaying the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s start-up costs, and covering administrative costs for the Department of Revenue.

Gratified by the distribution of funds, Anthony Johnson, a primary proponent of Measure 91, told The Oregonian, “This is what the voters intended. It shows that legalizing and regulating cannabis can help generate revenue for important governmental services.”

Not all cities will prosper

A fiscally responsible option for municipalities floundering in debt and swimming in red ink, those cities in Oregon that voted against adult-use marijuana sales will be cut off from any marijuana-related revenue after July 1, 2017.

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